Add your Child’s Teeth to the Spring Cleaning Checklist

When you start writing out your spring cleaning list, it can seem to go on forever. De-cluttering, deep cleaning, dusting and re-organizing are all tasks that will improve the look and feel of your home. Another item to add to that list is having your child’s teeth cleaned. A good teeth cleaning is needed at least every six months and spring is a great time to get into the habit of having your child go to those regularly scheduled appointments. Regular cleanings will drastically improve your child’s oral health and give them confidence when they show off their glowing smile.

Avoid Cavities and Tooth Decay with Regular Teeth Cleanings

Kids love to eat sugar, it’s a fact. Whether or not you let them is another issue, but some form of candy or sweet treat always seems to make its way into their diet. Birthday parties, school functions and holidays all provide an endless amount of sugary substances for our kids to eat or drink. Without regular scheduled teeth cleanings, these sugars can stick to your child’s teeth and result in tooth decay, plaque buildup and cavities. Routine brushing and flossing will definitely eliminate a great deal of these threats to your child’s teeth. Regular cleanings and dental exams will ensure that plaque stays away and any potential cavity is taken care of before it’s much too late.

Routine Teeth Cleanings Combined with Good Oral Hygiene Habits Create the Best Smile

Along with regularly scheduled cleanings from Smile Reef, it is also extremely important that your child gets into the habit of healthy oral hygiene. Brushing once a day is not enough. Take the time to think about all the food and drinks that your child consumes in one day. Brushing once a day will not remove the sugar that is sitting on the surface of your child’s teeth. You must help your child get into the habit of flossing at least once a day and brushing thoroughly at least twice a day. Getting into these habits will greatly assist in removing food from in between their teeth and the chance of plaque buildup and potential cavities.

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The happy healthy feeling you have in your mouth after a professional teeth cleaning in invaluable. Having your child visit Smile Reef at least twice a year is an important and vital part of their oral hygiene regimen. A tooth cleaning by Smile Reef removes the tartar you cannot get to at home with your tooth brush. Regular exams at Smile Reef will ensure that your child’s teeth and mouth are in good health. Contact Smile Reef today and make an appointment to have your child’s teeth cleaned.

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