In the case of children’s dental health, many parents turn to a general dentist to identify and correct any dental problems. Most dentists who are general practitioners usually advertise that they treat children as well as adults. However, many do not realize that there are dentists who are specialists for children (See our FAQ page for specific questions).These specialized dentists are called pedodontists, and are trained to work on children’s teeth. After the basic dental program a pedodontist (or pediatric dentist) receives additional training about specific growth and development of children’s teeth, including dental disease causality and prevention, and restorative methods. A pediatric dentist is also trained in child psychology to be able to manage and treat children effectively.

A Positive Experience

While parents may take their child to a general practitioner, there is value in seeking the services of a good pedodontist. Pedodontists know how to handle children and their teeth the best. This is an important task as a child’s early dental health establishes his/her future dental health. A Pedodontist will provide your children with proper dental care, and your children will develop a positive view of going to the dentist. A child’s positive experience and relationship with a pedodontist can lead to healthy dental habits through adulthood. With good dental health, a child’s overall health and well-being is also positively affected.

Smile Reef Strives to be an Inviting, Calm and Safe Environment

For parents in Las Vegas, you will find a capable pedodontist at Smile Reef. Tagged as a premier center for pediatric dentistry in Las Vegas, Smile Reef caters to children in an inviting, calm and safe environment. Applying child psychology in its office design, atmosphere and personnel, children can learn that caring for their teeth can be fun and easy.