Working with children is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. At Smile Reef we provide dental services to children, including children with special needs. Among our many services, sealant services for sealing out tooth decay are among the highly recommended procedures your child can greatly benefit from. Our professionals are passionate about children and dentistry; we are board certified and take the time to keep our little patients calm and relaxed for their procedures.

Dental Sealant – Before & After

Dental Sealants for Kids

Dental sealants protect teeth from cavities. The back teeth are especially prone for children to get cavities, grooved and pitted surfaces are also susceptible. The sealant is a clear or slightly shaded plastic resin that coats the teeth to protect them from cavities. Despite the thorough efforts of meticulous brushing and thorough flossing, the pits and grooves can often be inaccessible, and therefore neglected. Food and bacteria will eventually buildup, which will then contribute to cavities and tooth decay, the sealants prevent these event from taking place. Smile Reef professionals can perform the sealant application procedure for your child to help oral health and longevity.

Dental Sealant Procedure

If sealants are properly cared for and maintained, sealants can last well pass the high cavity risk years. If they do receive damage, Smile Reef can repair them. The sealant procedure only takes one office visit. The procedure is painless and well worth the effort. After the tooth is meticulously cleaned, it receives a special conditioning treatment and is then dried. The sealant flows over the teeth, especially over grooved and pitted areas and is dried using a specialized light. Children are ready for food or drinks immediately following the appointment. Smile Reef offers affordable rates and in many cases insurance providers will cover the procedure.

Dental Sealants Prevent Tooth Decay

Sealants can be applied as soon as the primary molars (baby teeth) emerge. It is recommended that older children seal the permanent molars as soon as they emerge as well, and in many cases, the tooth doesn’t have to be fully grown to receive the treatment. Smile Reef professionals have extensive training and knowledge concerning the oral hygiene of children, and having sealants performed is extremely beneficial for sealing out the decay of your child’s teeth.

Oral & Dental Health

Smile Reef would like to remind you however, that sealants are simply an additional barrier to help care for the teeth and safeguard them from decay contributing factors. Proper brushing and flossing are still necessary for overall oral health.
• First thing in the morning, children should spend at least 2 minutes brushing their teeth.
• Incorporate oral healthy foods and beverages to their diets and avoid the harsher choices.
• Encourage children to brush their teeth after every meal whenever possible.
• Insist children brush their teeth before bed time for at least 2 minutes, and thoroughly floss, at least once a day. If flossing is only accomplished once a day, choose the bed time routine.
• Every six months visit Smile Reef for routine maintenance and inspection on your little one’s teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry Care

Smile Reef has all necessary credentials, licensing, certifications and insurance to provide exceptional pediatric dentistry to your children. We happily service Las Vegas children and look forward to your next visit. Call us today to schedule your children’s appointment!