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Permanent Tooth Growing Over Baby “Shark” Teeth; When to Call Pediatric Dentist & More

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Most children are quite excited to have a visit from the Tooth Fairy. As parents monitor their kids’ teeth, some parents may notice that the permanent teeth are growing in and the baby teeth are not even loose. Around age 6, children usually start to lose their baby teeth. Often referred to as “shark teeth,” there are actually common instances when the permanent teeth can grow in behind baby teeth. In some cases, the situation can fix itself, but this condition is fairly common. Today, we at Smile Reef would like to further expound on when permanent teeth come in before the baby teeth.

Permanent Tooth Growing Behind Another Tooth

When the size of the permanent tooth is too large for the space occupied by the baby tooth, the permanent teeth usually grow in behind baby teeth. Commonly causing two rows of teeth along the lower jaw, overcrowding, or when a permanent tooth that doesn’t fully erupt forward, occurs. Generally, the baby teeth become loose and fall out when the root is all but gone. In some individuals, the permanent teeth miss the baby teeth and push through the gums behind them. The baby teeth stay in place because nothing is pushing and dissolving their roots. More often than not, this condition is not painful, and will even fix itself when the baby teeth fall out without assistance. The permanent teeth should shift into their proper position once the baby teeth are gone and the new space opens up.

When to Call Pediatric Dentist for Baby Tooth Not Falling Out

There are a few factors involved when you should make an appointment with your child’s dentist. They include the following:
1) After several weeks if the baby teeth have not come out.
2) A premature loss in baby molars, causing remaining baby teeth closing the gap, it eliminates the space for the permanent molar to come through.
3) Meaning the tongue can neither push the baby teeth out nor the permanent teeth forward, the upper-front baby teeth will not come out.

Pediatric Dental Care

The permanent teeth should move into the space in time if your child can wiggle their tooth and cause it to fall out on its own. The permanent teeth come in crooked and worsen overcrowding from the initial crowding caused by stubborn baby teeth. To make room for the permanent teeth, a dentist can remove the baby teeth. To check the baby tooth’s roots, can X-ray may be taken. The dentist may trim some of the neighboring baby teeth if there is not enough room for the permanent teeth to come in. Within a few weeks or a couple of months, the permanent teeth should shift into their final position. Your child may have to see an orthodontist to correct their alignment if the permanent teeth do not move into the correct position. If you are concerned about your child’s baby teeth still in place while the permanent teeth erupt, call in the experts of Smile Reef. With you appointment, we can take the appropriate X-Rays and determine the best course of action.

Importance of Oral Hygiene Instructions for Children & Dental Care Tips for Toddlers

Smile Reef

When you become a parent there are so many things you look forward to teaching your children. Watching your child rollover, crawl, walk, talk, read, potty train, color, make friends, and so much more are all things that parents are excited to see their children do. In addition to these skills we also need to teach our children to take care of their mind and bodies. An important part of taking care of our bodies is oral hygiene. Many parents find themselves not quite sure how to talk to their kids about oral hygiene. Smile Reef wants to help you with that process today so that your children will grow up understanding the importance of keeping their teeth healthy and clean.

How to Teach & Encourage Your Child to Brush Teeth

Your child will need to be taught how to properly brush their teeth. This is a skill that we take for granted as an adult. We have been brushing our teeth for so long that we cannot always breakdown how to brush your teeth to our children in a way that is simple enough for them to understand. As you teach your children to brush their teeth you will want to show them the proper amount of toothpaste to use. Many children use extremely large amounts of toothbrush. When you use too much toothpaste it is actually harder to brush your teeth because there is so much foam coming out of your mouth. If you do not use enough toothpaste your teeth will not get quite as clean as they need to. Your child will need to be taught that they need to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Each time that they brush their teeth they should brush for two minutes. It is recommended that they spend 30 seconds on each of the quadrants of their mouth. You will want to show your children that they can break their mouth into four sections that will help them with this concept.

Flossing Tips for Kids

The next thing that you will want to teach your child is the importance of flossing their teeth once a day. It is easier for kids to use flossers for this instead of flossing string. The flossers make the process of flossing easier for your child to manage. Flossing will help get rid of the bacteria in your mouth that are missed when you brush.

Healthy Eating for Kids

In addition to brushing and flossing your children will need to understand that it is also necessary to eat healthy food to help keep their teeth clean. When you eat and drink items that are full of sugar your teeth will get sticky. Then as you go throughout your day bacteria from your food will stick to your teeth and cause cavities to form. Eating healthy foods will prevent this from happening.

Pediatric Dentist

As your children take care of their teeth each and every day they will definitely help their teeth stay healthy and strong. Even those that take excellent care of their teeth will sometimes have things that need to be addressed with their teeth. This is why it is important to take your children to the dentist twice a year. Our dentist here at Smile Reef can help catch anything that may be happening in your child’s mouth that may need to be addressed by a professional. If you take all of these steps from your youth you will not have as many problems with your teeth as you continue throughout your life. Your child will be grateful that you helped them understand the importance of proper oral hygiene.