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What Age Does a Child Start Losing Baby Teeth & How to Pull Out a Loose Tooth Without Pain

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There are so many milestones that parents look forward to with their kids. Learning to roll over, sit, crawl, and walk are some of the very first milestones that your child will hit. After that there are new things that pop up throughout their life that you will be looking forward to as a parent. Here at Smile Reef we love hearing about some of the milestones that relate to your child’s teeth. Two important milestones are when your child gets their first tooth and when they lose their first tooth. Many times parents will call us and ask us about losing teeth. We have put together some fun information for you to learn about today.

What Age Does a Kid Lose Baby Teeth?

The first thing that most people want to know is when they can expect their children to start losing their teeth. Most children will start to lose their teeth around the ages of six or seven years old. If your child started getting their teeth earlier than normal they will likely start to lose their teeth early as well. The same is true if your child started getting their teeth late. You should not worry if your child does not start losing teeth at the average age though. It does not really matter when they start to lose them. Eventually all kids will lose their teeth just as they are supposed to.

How to Help a Child Prepare for Losing a Teeth

When your child gets a loose tooth it is a good idea to talk to them about what will happen when they lose their first tooth. You will want to tell them that losing their teeth is exciting. Some kids freak out when they lose a tooth because they think it is a problem. If they know that it is normal this will help them not be afraid. You will also want to let them know that there will be a little bit of blood when they their tooth falls out. Many kids freak out when they see blood so it is good to prepare them ahead of time for that. Not only will you want to let your child know what happens when they lose their tooth, you will also want to prepare them for what happens afterwards. Let them know that they will have a gap between their teeth until their adult tooth grows in. Over time their adult tooth will grow in. Tell them what it will look and feel like when this happens. You will also want to teach them about the importance of taking care of their adult teeth. Kids need to know that they only get one set of adult teeth and if they do not treat them with care they will lose them for good.

How to Pull Out a Loose Tooth

Your child may ask you how they can get their tooth to fall out. First you will want to tell them that the tooth must be loose first. No amount of trying will get a tooth that is not ready to fall out. Tell your kids that they will want to wash their hands before trying to wiggle their tooth once it is loose. They will want to wiggle it back and forth. Many times kids will only wiggle their tooth one way. If they do not wiggle their tooth both ways it will not come out as soon. Once their tooth comes out they can put their tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy to come. If they experience pain the day after they lose a tooth you will want to schedule an appointment here at Smile Reef. We can check and make sure that the area is not infected.

Pediatric Dental Care

Smile Reef hope that this information helped you know how to prepare your child for losing their first tooth. If you would like us to talk to them as well let us know at your next appointment!

Common Dental Emergencies in Las Vegas, NV; Baby Tooth Knocked Out of Position & More

Smile Reef

When you have a child it seems like there is always something that happens that requires your immediate attention. The real emergencies that occur usually have to do with the child’s health and not because they lost their favorite toy. You want to know what an emergency looks like and what you should do about it. When it comes to your child’s teeth there are some things that you need to do to try and avoid an emergency. This can be regular visits to the dentist where they have their teeth examined and cleaned. You also want to make sure that they are flossing, brushing and eating foods that are healthy for their teeth. Even if you do all that you can there will be problems that come up that are deemed an emergency.

Smile Reef Spotlights Tooth Pain & Other Dental Emergencies

Baby Tooth Knocked Out of Position: One of the problems that parents are ready to rush into the dentist for is when a baby tooth has been knocked out. Kids are going to be kids and that means that they are not as careful as they should be. They might be throwing a toy and get hit in the face which can easily knock their tooth loose or even out. When a tooth comes out it can send some panic especially if the tooth is not loose before. You want to make sure that you see a dentist within the first 24 hours of a tooth coming out that should not have yet. They will want to make sure that fragment has not been left behind which can lead to a bacteria. It may require a space maintainer to allow the space to held while waiting for the adult tooth to emerge.
Chipped, Cracked Or Broken Tooth: If you have ever ran into a friend and knocked heads then you could have cracked a tooth. If you have a piece of your child’s tooth that has been broken off you want to make sure that you save it and bring it to a dentist right away. They can usually attach the piece to the tooth or prepare the tooth to receive a crown. If you just ignore the problem it can lead to a dead tooth or an infection. You want to try and save the tooth if at all possible which is why you need to get to the dentist.
Toothache: If you have a child that has woken up with a tooth ache you don’t want to ignore it. This often means that the child has a cavity that has gone deep into the root of the tooth or it turned into an abscess. An abscess can be very painful and will require work by the dentist as well as antibiotics to treat the infection. The sooner you get into the dentist the faster the abscess or cavity can be treated.

Pediatric Care for Dental Emergencies

Smile Reef can handle all your child’s dental needs including fast emergency response. Call us today!