When trying to put together snacks and meals for your kids, most moms and dads are looking at the healthy aspect of the foods and what options are best for their children. The misconception that choosing something that is sugar free is better for your child’s teeth is false. There are several studies that show a sugar free drink or snack can cause just as much decay and damage as a sugary drink or snack! The health aspects of choosing sugar free might still be better for the child in general but the chemical makeup of these sugar free snacks make them just as bad on teeth.

Smile Reef lists the reasons why sugar free drinks and snacks can be bad for your children’s teeth and gums.

Sugar Free and Sugary Drinks have a high acid level that is bad for your kid’s teeth: If you are choosing a soda or a soft drink, it is a terrible choice for your kid’s teeth whether it has sugar or not. The level of acid in these drinks is very high and that is going to cause damage to teeth no matter the amount of sugar. The acid in a soda will erode and eat away at the teeth in your kid’s mouth!
Sugar Free Mints and Gums May Damage teeth as much as sugary gums and mints: One thing that many kids love to have is gum. They also like to eat mints and many times they eat them just like candy. The level of acid in many flavors of the gum and candy can be very high and leave your teeth susceptible to erosion. The best choice you can make when it comes to mints and gum is to choose a minty flavor since they have the least amount of acid in them. Stay away from fruity flavors.
Sugar is bad for your child’s teeth: When your child is eating sugar, whether it is in the form of a drink or candy, these sugars are eating away the enamel on their teeth. Once the enamel has sustained damage there is no way to reverse it. The best way to make sure that you child is not damaging their teeth is to choose foods and drinks that are healthy for the development of their teeth and gums.

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