As responsible parents, it can often become difficult to find the balance between knowing when your child is in need of professional medical attention or when they have just experienced a few bumps or bruises. Although a simple knee or elbow scrape are both common mishaps of childhood, they have the ability to send you or your child into quite a bit of a panic. Broken bones and head trauma are no brainers when it comes to deciding whether or not to go to the emergency room. But what about problems that arise with the oral health of your child? It is hard to know when a toothache is more than just an annoying pain or what to do when your child takes a serious spill on his skateboard and comes up missing half of a tooth.

Tooth Aches | Chipped and Knocked Out Teeth

The most common kid’s dental emergencies include teeth that have been knocked out, teeth that have been chipped and severe tooth aches. If a permanent tooth is knocked out, it is important to save the displaced tooth if possible, so getting to the dentist as soon as you can is extremely necessary. If your child has experienced chipping a tooth; that chipped tooth is now more at risk of becoming infected than any other tooth. Fortunately, if the piece of tooth that chipped off is saved, Dr Jaren at Smile Reef may be able to bond it back onto the existing tooth. A severe tooth ache can be the cause of many different reasons. Sometimes having food stuck in between teeth can cause an intense amount of pain for children. If this is the case, use dental floss to dislodge the food as best as you can. Swollen gums often indicate a type of infection which can be something as serious as an abscessed tooth. If left unchecked, a tooth ache can develop into a bigger problem eventually requiring a root canal which is not enjoyable!

Smile Reef Dentistry Handles Children’s Dental Emergencies!

At Smile Reef Dentistry, our staff is prepared to handle any dental emergency your child may have. In the event that a traumatic dental accident occurs, it is important as parents that we stay calm. Our children are more likely to stay calm when they know everything will be alright and they will be taken care of soon. We all hope no serious traumatic dental emergency will befall our children, however, accidents do happen. Smile Reef Dentistry will happily assist you in assuring your child that they will be okay and take care of their specific needs and making sure they get 100% of their smile back. Contact Smile Reef Dentistry to take care of your child’s dental emergencies.

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