When you get your picture taken, everyone says, “Say Cheese! Smile!” So you do; you open your mouth and proudly display your teeth. When you see the picture, you see a happy person looking back at you. The healthier those teeth are, the happier you will be.

Oral Care

Taking care of your teeth is one of the most important parts of your daily routine. When you have a beautiful and healthy smile, you feel more confident showing it. You should brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash after every single meal or at least two times a day. You should also be flossing your teeth every day. It is important to schedule a checkup at the dentist every six months. Once your dentist checks your teeth, he may have more specific instructions for you.

Oral Care for Kids

Kids can take charge of their teeth by taking simple but very effective steps. Brush at least twice a day; after breakfast and before bed time. If you can, brush after lunch or after eating a sweet snack. Brushing properly breaks down plaque. Make sure you brush all of your teeth and not just the ones up front. Take your time while brushing, spend at least two to three minutes scrubbing those pearly whites. It is not just brushing that will ensure healthy dental hygiene; remember to eat your fruits and vegetables, and to drink water instead of sugary drinks and soda. These are all sure fire ways to keep kids on the path to strong and healthy teeth.

Importance of Dental Hygiene

Recently Dr. Jaren Jensen paid a visit to Goolsby Elementary School. There he helped the students learn the importance of dental hygiene and teach them the proper steps to take in order to have a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Jensen had a great time educating the students on effective and fun dental care. He even played some games with the students to help them learn that brushing and flossing can actually become fun and enjoyable. The students went home that day with some new knowledge on how to improve their dental hygiene and a more determined desire to keep their teeth strong and their smile beautiful. Call Smile Reef today and schedule a check-up for your child to ensure a magnificent and healthy smile.

Dental Hygiene