Parents pack school lunches and give their kids snack when at home but during holidays like Easter and Halloween, you may need to make sure you are extra prepared with some treat options that might be better for your kid’s teeth. The average American eats about 150 pounds of sugar per year which is a lot; especially for a kid. This can take a real toll on your teeth. Most people can handle some aches and pains, but a toothache can really put you down. During holidays like Halloween and Easter, candy is given to kids in celebration. Did you realize that there are options you can choose that are better for your kid’s teeth and some that are much worse. This list can help you before you head to the store to get your treats for the Easter, trick or treat baskets or any other time of year you wish to give your children a sweet treat.

Worst Candy for Teeth

Chewy Candy – Chewy and sticky candy is a bad choice for teeth in general and especially bad for kids who may not clean their teeth as well. This includes candy like taffy, gummy worms or bears, fruit snacks, and even fruit roll ups. This type of treat gets stuck in the cracks and crevices and makes it nearly impossible to wash away with water. This can cause tooth decay especially when the sticky food is not removed at the end of the day with brushing and flossing.
Sour and Sugary Candy – Sour candy has a lot of acid and that makes the enamel brake down on the teeth. The good thing is that saliva breaks down the acid and neutralizes the effects. The best thing to do is to wait for about 30 minutes after eating sour candy to let your own saliva work through the acid before brushing. Sugar causes tooth decay, so any candy that is high in sugar such as cookies and cakes are not a great choice.

Better Candy for Teeth

Dark Chocolate – This is a great choice for a treat for kids. Dark chocolate has some antioxidants that are good for your health. This can help lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. It also does not stay stuck in the teeth.
Sugar Free – There are sugar free candy, gum and treats available. They may not taste quite the same as the sugar loaded candy that kids may be used to, but there are a lot of options available. This will help with tooth decay because it has no sugar which is the part that aids in the decay. It also a known fact that sugar free treats cause your mouth to salivate more. This is good because if your mouth is dry it will allow plaque to build up faster on teeth.