It is no secret, most little kids don’t like their teeth being brushed. Children commonly resist anyone coming into their mouths, even when it’s not to brush the pearly whites. It is often hard to achieve the proper oral hygiene in young children; some are more stubborn than others.

Smile Reef would like to aid you in your quest for helping your kids be excited to brush their teeth. Once habits are established, the regular care of your kids’ teeth will be easy!

Brushing Toddlers Teeth – In toddlers, their basic motor skills haven’t developed enough to brush their own teeth properly. For the little ones, always do a good brushing before hand, and then allow them to take over so they feel like they are the ones doing the brushing. Once they are able to tie their own shoes, they have achieved proper motor skill function to take the reins. They still may need assistance in proper flossing however.

Correct Oral Care Products – When setting your children on the right path to oral hygiene, be sure to invest in the right oral care products designed for children. There are a lot of different toothbrushes for kids that are age appropriate. Allowing them to choose the perfect toothbrush for them could get them excite to use it later.

Don’t Instill Fear in Them – Especially avoid painting the dentist as a bad guy if they don’t brush. This will make them fearful and anxious when a dentist visit does come into play.

Kids Brushing Teeth Game – By making it a game, your kids will be delighted to play ‘Brush your Teeth’. Games could include a timer or song that they brush along to. You know your kids individually and coming up with a creative, unique game to fit their personality will make this mundane chore fun.

Sweet rewardsBrush your Own Teeth – We all must brush our own teeth, and children are always wanting to emulate their parents. Brush your teeth alongside your kids and turn it into a bonding event at the same time.

Teaching Kids to Brush Teeth

Every child is unique in the way they think and learn, simply pay attention to what makes your kid respond and work it into brushing their teeth. It is prudent to get kids in good habits when in regard to oral hygiene. At Smile Reef, we can help your child keep their teeth healthy and suggest the appropriate oral care for your kids that will see them through to happy and healthy adults!

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