We all wish the best for our kids and a healthy smile is no exception. Pediatric dentistry is crucial for healthy teeth. Proper mouth hygiene is prudent. Eating the right food contributes to healthy teeth, and avoiding certain foods is even better.

When concerning the foods to avoid, there are three categories:
Sugars – Inflate acids to cause cavity.
Hard textures – Deteriorate enamel.
Liquids – Leading to dryness of mouth.

Smile Reef would like to give you some advice on avoiding certain tooth harming foods to help protect your children’s teeth.

Ice – Ice needs to be avoided on a regular basis. Children and adults alike often enjoy chomping down on ice cubes once the tasty beverage has been slurped down. You are probably wondering why ice is bad as ice is water! Sugarless, no calories or fat, not even carbohydrates are offending the purity of ice cubes. That is very true but it’s not what ice is made of; it’s the hardness. Excessive ice chewing works away at enamel. Enamel is the protective layer found on teeth, and cannot be replenished.

Dried Fruits – Dried fruit is actually cavity causing to teeth. Raisins, prunes, cranberries, you get the idea. Dried fruit has its health status, but often times, the dried fruit is caught in between teeth and sticks in the cracks, creating a sure way of developing cavities. If your kids really enjoy these snacks, make sure they follow up with a vigorous tooth brushing, and thorough flossing.

Bread – Bread flies under the radar relating to teeth health. You are probably furrowing your brows in confusion over the proclamation but the enzymes in saliva are geared for breaking down starchy food, almost immediately converting it into tooth damaging sugar.

Sour Candies – Candy in general has proven too hard on teeth and the main offender in the war on cavities, but sour candies have more acidic content and that means they do even more damage than regular candy.

Soda – Soda is hurting your children’s teeth in three different ways. First, their teeth are being soaked in sugar, contributing to bacteria growth. Second, most carbonated drinks are very acidic and eat away at the tooth’s enamel. Lastly, the darker soda colors are staining your kid’s teeth and making them less white.

Hyper-Pigmented Foods – Intense crimson colored foods like beets and berries, bright yellows like golden curry and burning mahogany found in soy sauce will stain teeth, decreasing a white and bright smile.

A good thing is to always keep water on hand for the little ones. Water naturally prevents cavities, and helps remove surface stains before they set in. Getting your kids in the habit of chasing down their meals with water and doing a few quick swishes and swirls will also help in dislodging food that has managed to get in the crevices. Smile Reef can answer any questions concerning your child’s dental care on their next routine cleaning, and give some potential advice on the good foods for your children’s teeth.