Keeping your child’s teeth clean and healthy is a constant daily chore. Without regular flossing, brushing and dental visits, the health of your child’s teeth can decline at a rapid rate. Getting your kids to learn healthy habits when it comes to dental care is a long term investment that will greatly benefit your wallet and their oral health. While cleaning their teeth and having regular appointments with the dentist are important, there are also other ways to protect your child’s teeth. One of the most common activities that results in tooth damage is contact sports.

Sports Mouth Guards for Football and Basketball etc

While sports is a great way to teach your child life lessons, specific precautions must be taken to protect your child. Football players wear helmets and pads, baseball players wear a helmet at bat and soccer players wear shin guards during their match. These are all excellent pieces of protective equipment that make each sport safer to play for your child. Mouth guards are a necessary piece of safety equipment for your child to wear during the time they are actively playing a sport. You may notice more and more athletes using a mouth guard today. Football is a common sport where mouth guards are worn, not only do they protect the teeth, but they have been proven to help fight against concussions as well.

Injured Teeth During Sports Such as Basketball

Basketball is a sport where mouth guards were not very common, however, when you turn a game on today, you will see the most popular players wearing a mouth guard during their time on the court. A few years ago a dental newsletter was published that mentioned a boy snagging his teeth on the net of a basketball hoop while attempting a slam dunk. After the article appeared nearly 40 more dentists wrote that they had seen the same situation in their own office. Usually a sports injury that involves teeth ends up damaging at least one of the two front teeth.

Preventing Teeth Damage, Injury & Accidental Loss

It is estimated that between thirteen and thirty nine percent of dental injuries occur while playing sports. Wearing a mouth guard is a great way to help protect your child’s teeth while they are involved in sports. You may also want to look into upgraded helmet protect. Baseball helmets now offer a face guard that will help protect your child’s face while they are up to bat. Take every precaution you can find to keep your child’s teeth from being harmed during their sporting activity. Contact Smile Reef if your child has experienced tooth damage while playing sports.

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