Most children typically begin losing baby teeth between the ages of 5-7, marking it as one of the first rites of passage that they will experience. Some children will be concerned that losing baby teeth will hurt, but if baby teeth fall out naturally it is almost always a pain free experience. You should encourage your child to wiggle their loose tooth, but not to try and pull it out before it is ready. Occasionally, pulling out a baby tooth early can lead to infection in the root so it is best to let baby teeth fall out on their own.

Losing baby teeth is an important milestone to little ones and usually is one of the first times that children begin to feel like “big kids”. Sometimes losing baby teeth can be stressful and even traumatic for children, which is one of the reasons so many parents use the tooth fairy to make the experience fun and memorable. They are numerous ways parents carry out the tooth fairy tradition and although it is not necessary, it can create fond memories as well as helping to reinforce good oral hygiene. The process of losing baby teeth usually lasts about 6 years from start to finish, so try to create a tooth fairy plan you can easily keep up with.

A hilarious example of a letter to the Tooth Fairy

When the Tooth Fairy forgets….

For some fun ideas, visit our Pinterest page dedicated to helping parents be great tooth fairies!

Now that your child has their adult teeth coming in, brushing and flossing is more important than ever! Make sure to reinforce the habit of brushing twice a day and flossing every day so children’s teeth stay strong and cavity free. If you have any questions about your child losing their baby teeth or any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today @ (702) 570-7333!