At Smile Reef we specialize in providing children with a stress free experience at the dentist. We want to ensure that every child enjoys their time at Smile Reef and always has a good experience at the dentist. Sometimes, the first trip to the dentist can cause anxiety, which is why we recommend bringing children for the first check up after their 1st birthday. Bringing children to the dentist at a young age ensures optimal oral health as well as helping children become accustomed to the dentist early on. If your child has not yet been to the dentist, or seems apprehensive to come to the office, here are some tips we recommend.

• Talk to your child about what to expect. The first visit to the dentist is typical very simple. It usually consists of becoming familiar with Dr. Jensen and the office and a check-up.

• Pick an appointment time when they are feed and well rested so they will be in a good mood.

•Consider bringing along a favorite toy or blanket for comfort.

• Speak positively of your own experiences at the dentist and try to prevent peers or older siblings from telling scary stories of any dentist.

• Read your child stories about going to the dentist. Feel free to ask us for suggestions on great children’s stories about going to the dentist.

If your child is now a toddler and has not yet been to the dentist, you are more than welcome to bring your child to our office. We are happy to show kids how fun Smile Reef is and to let them to get to know us before coming to an official appointment. If you have any questions about bringing your child to the dentist or other questions don’t hesitate to contact us(702) 570-7333!


Pictured: Two kids who love going to the dentist! :)