Imagine it is 1873 and your child needed a dentist. Back then there was no such thing as a special dentist for children. In fact there were not many who sought out the help of a dentist; often a veterinarian would just pull the troubled tooth!

Not much is ever said about famous dentists in history. And what a shame as there is some pretty interesting characters. A boy born in Georgia in 1852 was destined to make his mark in history and most of us know him by the name “Doc Holliday”. You are most likely familiar with his connection to the Earp’s and the O.K. Corral Shootout! Doc Holliday graduated from Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery in 1872 at the young age of 20! He then went back to Georgia to open his practice in 1873. Shortly after he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and in an attempt to prolong his life he moved to the west where the climate would better suit him. His days as a dentist in an office were over, but he still pulled a tooth or two when needed! He took up professional gambling and was quite good with his gun. As history tells us, he was most notably known as a gambler and gunfighter. He was usually on the posse side of the law, but on occasion the line was a bit blurred.

Imagine that your dentist was Doc Holliday! To some little boys that might be attractive, until their teeth start coming out! But fortunately, dentistry has changed much since the days of Doc. Holliday. This newer specialized field of children’s dentistry has given families a much appreciated partner in assuring the teeth of their children are cared for in an empathetic way.

Dr. Jensen and his staff at Smile Reef are experienced in handling all child behaviors … and they have an office that is an interesting and appealing outing for a child. They offer a free consultation and invite you and your child to stop by to get familiar with the office and staff. It is a soothing place for children and much thought has gone into the layout and entertainment with children in mind. Smile Reef is experienced in treating children as young as 1 year old and as you can imagine this is quite a challenge that Smile Reef excels at! If you are a parent with a child that has a great smile, keep it that way and start the visits early so that your child is comfortable with his Dentist. On the other hand if your children have extensive problems with teeth, there is comfort in knowing that Smile Reef offers tender and caring services: something that is not easily found elsewhere.

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