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Common Causes of Child Toothache & Pain; Cavities, Teeth Eruption, Chipped Tooth & More

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When it comes to kids healthcare there are many aspects you have to think about. Of course you want them to be growing and developing at a normal rate but you also want them to not have to suffer as well. There is no way to avoid all pain and trouble that your child may have to go through. One area of your child’s health that you want to make sure you are aware of and on top of is their oral health. Your child will go through many stages when it comes to their oral health from getting baby teeth to losing them and gaining their adult teeth. They also will have to see the dentist on a regular basis just like everyone else. One part of the child’s oral health is that they will potentially have a toothache or something that causes some pain in their mouth. Smile Reef outlines what might cause a toothache in your child’s mouth.

Cavity in Toddlers

You want to make sure you do what you can to protect your child’s teeth and mouth. This is the best thing you can do to avoid any type of pain but that does not mean that it will not still happen. One of the most common reasons a child is brought to the dentist with tooth pain is due to a cavity. The cavity is when the tooth has been damaged and the bacteria is eating away the tooth’s enamel. The cavity will often start to create pain in the child’s mouth when it has started to get larger and potentially hit the nerve. The pain is something that can cause trouble for the child and make it hard for them to function. You want to make sure you have the teeth checked regularly to avoid pain but if it happens you need to see the dentist right away. If you allow the cavity to get out of hand it could lead to tooth removal.

Baby & Permanent Teeth Eruption

You may not realize it but your baby is not the only one that is getting new teeth and going through the pain of teething. Kids over time will continue to gain teeth such as their molars. They also will lose the baby teeth and then the adult teeth have to come in. This can many times lead to pain at that might feel a lot like a toothache. The pain is something that can sometimes last a few days and usually will subside all on its own. You want to talk to the dentist about ways to reduce the pain of teething.

Chipped Tooth

Kids seem to be very active and can be found running around playing sports, riding bikes and more. These are all the kinds of activities that can lead to a chipped or broken tooth. The tooth can be chipped and start to cause some pain that you want to make sure you have looked at. The child may not even realize that they damaged a tooth.

Pediatric Toothache Treatments & More.

Smile Reef can help you if your child find relief when they have a toothache. Call us today!

What to Do if a Baby or Permanent Tooth Gets Knocked Loose or Out of Position; Chipped or Broken in Half, at Gum Line or With Root Still In!

Smile Reef

A lot of parents have a fear of their children having a tooth break or getting knocked out. If you know what to do before this happens it can be less stressful when it does. It can minimize permanent damage that may be a result too. Your child may also be less terrified because you aren’t running around like a crazy person! The most important thing to do is make sure you have your child’s dentist’s phone number handy or programmed into your phone.

Chipped, Cracked & Broken Front & Molar Teeth

Any injury to your child’s mouth should be checked by a dentist as there are things you are unable to see below the surface and a chipped tooth may also have a root that was fractured. This unfortunately can’t be seen with the naked eye, and can lead to an infection. If you chip, break or crack a tooth you should call the Dentist. Rinse the mouth with water, use a cold compress to bring down any swelling and bring the piece of tooth to the dentist if possible.

Baby Tooth VS Permanent Tooth

If a baby tooth is knocked out you should never try to put it back into where it came out of as there is a permanent tooth coming down and you may damage it. Contact your child’s dentist to make an appointment to have it looked at. If it’s a permanent tooth that is knocked out, then you need to see the dentist as quickly as possible. If a permanent tooth is replanted within five minutes after the injury, it has a good chance of survival. Permanent teeth can even still be re-implanted within one to two hours after being knocked out. After you find the tooth, pick it up by the crown or the widest part of the tooth and try not to touch the root. Gently rinse the tooth with cold water for 10 seconds and don’t use soap or scrub it. The best thing to do is to put it back in its socket and have your child bite down gently on a washcloth or clean gauze. If this isn’t working you should keep it clean and put it into a container with some cold milk, saline solution, water or saliva and get to the dentist immediately.

Chipped & Broken Tooth Repair

The enamel can be sealed to keep the bacteria out and there are times where the piece of tooth that broke off can be reattached at the dentist’s office. Chips and cracks can be repaired with bonding materials. If jagged or rough teeth are causing pain they can be filled or polished to smooth edges. Over several weeks after any dental trauma, the tooth may change color. This may be a sign that there was some trauma to the tooth that you didn’t even know about. It’s also a sign that the blood and nerve supply within the tooth has died. A dentist needs to take a look and determine what needs to be done.

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry

It’s impossible to prevent all slips and falls. Child-proof your home the best you can and have your children wear mouth guards when playing sports. Just because baby teeth aren’t permanent doesn’t mean they don’t require special care. Trauma to baby teeth can damage permanent teeth and delay their eruption. Contact Smile Reef for all you child’s emergency dental needs.

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