Being a parent can be scary. There are so many things that you have to do to help take care of your child. Taking care of their teeth is one of those important tasks. Taking them to the dentist can help take care of their teeth. Today Smile Reef will talk about some of the common pediatric dental treatments that a dentist will do for your child’s teeth.

Dentist Hygienists Clean Children’s Teeth?

A dental cleaning is the most common treatment that your child will get. They should be getting a dental cleaning every six months. You should start when your child develops their first tooth. Even if there is not much cleaning involved, it would be good to have your child get checked out by the dentist. When they go in for the cleaning, the dental hygienist will get the plaque off of their teeth and clean each tooth. A dental cleaning is very important for the health of your child’s teeth.

Dental X-Rays for Kids

When you go to the dentist for a checkup they may do x-rays. X-rays are done usually about once a year. But if your child is high risk for tooth decay then it may be every six months. The x-rays are safe but there is some radiation exposure. It is kept to a minimum which is why it is every year. Getting x-rays can help the dentist see inside the child’s mouth better. They can see the new teeth coming in and if there are cavities.

Kids Fluoride Treatment

After a dental cleaning, the dentist may ask you if you would like a fluoride treatment. This treatment can help take that extra measure to help stop the bacteria, sugar, and plaque from forming on your child’s teeth. The fluoride treatment usually is some type of gel or foam that they put onto your child’s teeth to help protect them. It is stronger than the fluoride that you get in toothpaste, mouthwash, or even some tap water. This is safe for kids and a smart choice.

Dental Sealants are a Good Idea for Kids

It can sometimes be hard for children to get a good cleaning in the back of their mouth where their molars are. This means, if they are not cleaned properly there is a better chance of getting cavities. The dentist will put the sealant on the molars to help prevent cavities. It will be around age 6 when they start getting their first set of molars. The dentist will just brush it on their teeth and it will act as a barrier against plaque.

Sometimes a Child Needs a Tooth Filling

Just like adults need to get cavities filled when they have cavities so do children. Getting cavities filled is a very common procedure. They will numb the area where is it going to be done. They might also put them under anesthesia, It most likely will be nitrous oxide if the child needs it. Once they are numb then they will clean the affected area. The tooth will then be filled with silver amalgam or ceramic porcelain, both are very common and safe.

Tooth Extraction for Kids

The dentist can also do tooth extraction. This can happen if they think your permanent teeth will come in straighter, then they will remove the baby teeth. They may also remove the teeth if it is damaged or diseased. They most likely will put them under nitrous oxide to help with the procedure.

Pediatric Dentistry

Taking your child to the dentist can be very beneficial for the child’s health. If you need to get your child to the dentist then give Smile Reef a call today.