As a parent you want your child to stay healthy. You don’t want to see them in pain or have health problems. When it comes to your child’s teeth how do you help prevent them from getting tooth decay? Smile Reef wants to help you understand the importance of what you can do to help your child learn to take care of their teeth, which will help them have healthier teeth and fewer cavities.

Set a Routine for Kids to Brush & Floss Often

Even though kids don’t always enjoy having a routine, kids need a routine. They do better when they have a routine and know what they are supposed to do in many aspects of life. Start them young with a routine to brush their teeth. When a child starts young brushing their teeth they will continue that habit when they get into their teens and adulthood.

Supervise Kids Brushing Teeth

As a parent, it could be very easy to go tell your kids to brush their teeth, but not watch them brush their teeth. So how good are your kids at actually brushing their teeth? If you have kids that are 8 and younger you should supervise them while they brush their teeth. Make sure they are doing a good job getting all their teeth clean and getting all the food that can get stuck in their teeth out. This could help prevent cavities.

Use Toothpaste with Fluoride

If you have kids that are older than two they need to use toothpaste with fluoride in it. Use the amount that is recommended on the package. Have your child brush their teeth, and spit but do not rinse. This will help keep the fluoride on their teeth which will help further protect their teeth.

Eat Healthy Foods

Sometimes it’s hard to get your kids to eat healthy foods and not just sugar foods. But the best thing you can do is limit the number of snacks your kids are eating between meals. Especially the candies, cookies, cake, and sodas. All of these can be bad for your child’s teeth. Don’t let your child have sugary treats after they have brushed their teeth for bed. Sugar can cause tooth decay. Limiting the sugar, especially before bedtime can help your child’s teeth continue to be healthy.

Kids Should Visit Pediatric Dentist Twice a Year

The best thing you can do is scheduled a regular dentist appointment for your child. See your dentist every six months. This will help your child’s teeth stay healthy and your dentist can catch any cavities that may be forming on your child’s teeth.

Dental Sealants

Your dentist will recommend getting your child a sealant on their teeth. It is a thin plastic coating that goes on their molars that can help prevent tooth decay. This helps so food does not get trapped inside their teeth. They recommend having this sealant on your permanent molars when they start coming in.

Pediatric Dentistry

Teaching your child to take care of their teeth is very important for their health. If it is time to schedule an appointment for your child to see a dentist then give Smile Reef a call.