We don’t think there is a child on this planet that doesn’t like to drink juice any chance they get. It is a sweet and a lovely treat on a warm day. However, delicious as it may be, it can also cause harm to your child’s teeth. Parents need to know what juice does to the oral health of their children so they can help avoid the problems. Smile Reef is here to talk about juice and what it can do your child’s mouth.

Can Juice Mess Up Your Teeth?

While you may see “100% Juice” written on the side of the bottle of juice and think that means it’s a health food, parents need to think again. There are several problems that come along with drinking too much juice. For instance, there is a high sugar content in juice that is not healthy for your child to be consuming. This can lead to more cavities. Lots of juices have a high acidity level as well. When you drink drinks that are high in acidity, it can start to eat away at the enamel on your teeth. This leaves your teeth exposed and more susceptible to tooth decay. Also, when your child is sipping on juice all day long, that sugar is staying on the teeth almost constantly. It is better for your child to drink some juice all in one sitting rather than stretching it out throughout the day.

What Alternative Drinks Would Be Better to Drink for Children?

You may be wondering what in the world you are going to give your child to drink now that you know how bad juice can be for their teeth. Following are some guidelines that can help your child have a healthier mouth and still enjoy delicious drinks.
– Limit your child to 6 ounces or less juice in a day. If your child is over 6 years old, make sure they aren’t drinking more than 12 ounces of juice in a day.
– You can add water to juice to make it last longer and have less sugar content.
– When you are making fruit smoothies at home, try adding honey rather than sugar for a healthier alternative.
– Encourage your child to drink more milk options. This doesn’t have to be cow’s milk either. You may try soy, almond or rice milk as well.
– The best and safest option for your child to drink throughout the day is water. Your child will have a healthier mouth and overall body when they are drinking plenty of water rather than any other drink throughout the day.

Pediatric Dentistry

Don’t forget that your child should be seeing a dentist at a young age to achieve optimal oral health. At Smile Reef, it is our goal to ensure your child has a healthy smile. We are gentle with children and work extremely hard to make them comfortable as we check their teeth. Come see us today!