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Archive for May, 2021

What Does a Pediatric Dentistry Do? Educate Children About Oral Health & More

Smile Reef

It is a given that we as parents do all we can to provide for our kids.  You want to ensure they obtain maximum care when it comes to their health especially. You get the most beneficial extracurricular activities possible, look for the most optimal schools, and find the best pediatrician.  For your child’s dentist, the same should be considered.  Just as you prefer a pediatrician instead of a family doctor considering a pediatric dentist is far more beneficial than a general dentist. The general basics of pediatrics is what we at Smile Reef would like to discuss today. 

What is the Difference Between a Pediatric Dentist & a General Dentist?

For anyone who chooses a field where they exclusively work with children, they are saints among men as it can be challenging for some. To work with kids, it takes patience, understanding, and compassion. To provide primary and comprehensive oral health care, pediatric dentistry is a specialty that applies techniques and procedure of general dentistry.  It is required to attain additional training to provide their care for children, including those with special needs when professionals pursue a career in pediatric dentistry.  Pediatric dentists and professionals are formally trained to enhance their talents in making children feel comfortable and relaxed or incorporating sedation methods for the patients who need it since many kids are often afraid and uncomfortable with a stranger messing around in their mouth. 

Educate Children About Oral Health

Your child can get use to dental work and learn the importance of oral hygiene that can influence their habits into adulthood with the aid of professional care, especially at an early age. In addition to knowing how to encourage your child to establish regular oral care, pediatric dentistry stresses the importance of oral hygiene.  

Pediatric Dentists Detect Problems Early

Commonly enough, children can start to show signs of dental issues, and with an early start, the problems can often be corrected far more easily and with less expense by getting your child preventative care is only the first time for permanent teeth to be healthy.   Requiring more effort than others are those with special needs children, like autism for example.   Your pediatric dentist can assess their individual behavior and needs to determine the best course of action while experiencing dental visits and procedures with their specific needs.    There is no risk, your child receives optimal dental care, and does not have to endure the experience, keeping them and staff safe from extreme behavior with sedation treatment can be the most optimal solution, and with a trained specialist.  

Pediatric Dentistry

We are pediatric dentistry that encourages dental assistance for your newborns, toddlers, young children, tweens, and adolescence with Smile Reef.  To perform treatments and procedures on your children, and those with special needs, our staff is well trained and experienced.  In order to ensure your child has a pleasant experience at the dentist is our top priority, include the basics, sealants, sedation, special needs and even psychology dentistry.  Call Smile Reef today if your children are due for a pediatric dentistry visit in the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area.   To help your child’s visit go as smoothly as possible, we can get your appointment scheduled, answer any of your questions, and relate some advice.  

Does Drinking Water Help Oral Health? Increases Saliva, Reduces Tooth Decay & More

Smile Reef

Dental hygiene for our children is important to promote healthy teeth and gums as well as encourage regular habits for adult oral care. Training the kid’s proper ways to brush, frequency, flossing, mouth rinses, and importance of regular dentist visits can give them just what they need to keep their original teeth well into adulthood. As a major part of contributing to the overall health of your kids’ teeth and gums, make certain the right foods and beverages are consumed and the wrong ones are avoided. The list of advantages of what drinking water can do for your kid’s oral hygiene is something we at Smile Reef would like to share today.

Does Drinking Water Increase Saliva?

Children that experience dry mouth are not producing adequate amounts of saliva, which make swallowing or chewing difficult. To encourage saliva production and prevent dry mouth, drinking enough water is essential. In order to help with your children consuming plenty of water, keep the kids’ enamel strong and stay cavity-free.

Tap Water Contains Fluoride

Small amounts of fluoride are found in tap water and fluoride is great for teeth. Fluoride use is effective in preventative measures according to the ADA such as reducing tooth decay by at least 25% in both children and adults.

Is Swishing Water Good for Your Teeth?

Once the kids have finished eating, water clear off sugar residues cling on teeth surfaces and leftover food particles are left between your teeth. Drinking plenty of water can rinse away a lot of the sugary residues, especially after eating. Advocate to the kids to swish water around their mouths for 30 seconds, just after eating to clear their teeth of any sugary or food debris left behind.

There are No Calories in Water

A major contributor to the increasing rate of obesity is the rise of sugary beverage consumption in the United States. For those that consume up to 2 sugary beverages per day, people are 26% more likely to develop type, 2 diabetes. Instead of sugary juices, sodas, and sports drinks, substitute it with water to avoid the consequences substitute. For the little ones is water as they have no sugars, and no calories is a healthier choice for beverage consumption.

Motivate Your Child to Drink Water

Water is by far the healthiest drink available unlike other drink. Kids should consume 8 glasses of water every day in 8oz glasses. Make certain your kids are getting enough water to receive the advantages especially concerning their oral hygiene. Maintaining healthy teeth and teaching those primary habits, what to avoid, and what to consume is essential to help their permanent teeth least well into adulthood.

Pediatric Dentistry

If your child is in need a dentist visit, call Smile Reef today to schedule an appointment. Regular dentist visits, and proper oral care, our experts can help you reinforce the importance of water consumption. For your child’s oral care, schedule a dentist appointment with Smile Reef.