Generally, it is not a state of emergency if your child complains of a toothache and he or she does not have a fever or facial swelling. However, especially as far as you and your child are concerned, this does not mean the tooth pain is not serious. There can be several causes to the tooth pain your child is experiencing. With this in mind, we at Smile Reef would like to continue to discuss the subject concerning how to understand your child’s tooth pain.

Determining Toothache Cause

To help diagnose the cause of the pain, below are a few steps you can take. Begin finding the source by getting answers from your child to these questions:
1) Where is the direct area the pain is coming from?
2) How long has the tooth pain been felt?
3) Did you hurt yourself around the mouth area recently? Think back if you recall any injury they sustained to their teeth or mouth as well.
4) As the parent, inspect their teeth and mouth area for any obvious damage.
Being that children cannot always accurately articulate the problem they are experiencing, and if you cannot figure out the issue yourself, you can schedule an appointment with your child’s dentist to evaluate any tooth pain that doesn’t resolve itself in a day. It will likely become worse if left untreated in the event the cause is a dental problem.

Cavity Pain & Other Causes of a Toothache

Tooth Decay. This is among the most common cause of dental pain. For any obvious signs of decay such as brown spots or tiny holes, your child’s dentist will examine the tooth or teeth.
Mouth Injury. To see if there are any sores or swelling, the dentist will also look at your child’s gums and the inner areas of the mouth.
Unrelated Injury Swelling. The presence of an abscess from a nerve infection caused by tooth decay can cause swelling not related to an injury could mean.
Food Particles. The source of the pain can be due to food particle caught between the teeth. If your child has the tooth that is hurting, help them floss around the area. Causing uncomfortable pressure and even pain, the food particle that might be stuck can be dislodged.

Toothache Remedies

If there is time that needs to be waited through before your child sees the dentist, below are some things you can do to temporarily ease your child’s pain.
1) According to your child’s age and weight, offer your child ibuprofen or acetaminophen.
2) To remove debris, clean between the teeth thoroughly.
3) Especially if there is swelling, apply an ice pack against the jaw, on and off for a few minutes at a time.

Pediatric Dentistry

You should consult with a professional to double-check your diagnosis to make sure the problem is identified and addressed, even if you are able to relieve your child’s toothache. No matter if your child is experiencing tooth pain or is due for their checkup, call Smile Reef in the Las Vegas, NV Valley to schedule your next appointment!