There are a few things that most kids really love to do in life. One of them is when they are on a team and playing a sport they enjoy. A large number of kids look forward to signing up for sports again and filling up their schedule with practice and more. They have missed their friends during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and can’t wait to be on a team again. If you have a child that plays any kind of sport you want to make sure that they do well, have fun and that you keep them protected. One area of the child that can be troublesome during just about any type of sport are their teeth. You want to make sure that you know what you can be doing during the sports season to protect their teeth. Smile Reef outlines what you can do to keep your kids teeth protected when playing sports.

Sports Mouth Guard

One of the problems that you will come across is when the kids are playing just about any type of sport is that their teeth and their mouth seems to be the main area for impact. The impact can cause a problem for their teeth and especially if they have braces. The best thing you can do to try and prevent issues with your kid’s teeth when playing is to use a mouth guard. A mouth guard is something that you can get at an athletic store and secure and fit in your child’s mouth. You want to make sure that it has a good fit so that it is not moving around too much. This is a great way to add a layer of protection to the teeth that way if there is some impact the mouth and the teeth are protected.

After Game Snack Ideas for Youth Sports

One of the best parts of the sporting events for the kids is at the end of the game when the snacks come out. Most parents will take turns bringing in snacks for the kids to enjoy after their game is over. You want to make sure that you are bringing the right type of snacks that will not damage the kids teeth. It is best to avoid sugary drinks and opt for a cold water. You also want to stay away from sticky snacks such as fruit snacks and gummy candy. It is best to bring yogurt, nuts and healthy snacks that will leave less sugar and less residue on the child’s teeth.

Emergency Dental Repair

No matter how careful you are and how many ways you are attempting to protect your kids teeth during sports there still can be a problem. If you happen to come across a problem like a chipped tooth or even damaged gums you want to make sure that you have a pediatric dentist that can help. They should be able to get your child in quickly and ensure that the repair that is needed is done correctly.

Pediatric Dentist

Smile Reef can help to keep your kids teeth protected during sports season. Call us today!