If you look around you are likely to see lots of kids that are in elementary and middle school that are in braces. That means they have started their orthodontist treatment and are heading in the direction of having straight teeth. The time that kids start their orthodontic treatment depends on many things and the best way to know is to talk with your pediatric dentist. They are keeping an eye on the health and growth of your child’s teeth and will know when they are ready to start their treatment. When you are thinking that you are ready to start your orthodontist care you want to visit your pediatric dentist to make sure that you are ready. Smile Reef outlines what you need to know to prepare for your child’s orthodontic treatment.

Pediatric Dentist Referral to Orthodontist

One of the things that your pediatric dentist can do is to talk to you about when you should consult with an orthodontist. They can go over your child’s x-rays as well as growth and determine when the right time is. They can also look at their referrals and give you a recommendation about where to go and who you should see. They have the best knowledge of your child’s teeth and that is why they are the best place to start. The best way to find a good reputable orthodontist is to make sure you ask your regular dentist who they might recommend. The reason that this is important is that they may have to work together for some parts of the treatment when a tooth may need to be extracted or they need any other dental treatments. If they have a working relationship it can make these appointments much more seamless.

Dental Cleaning Before You Get Braces

You want to make sure that your child is up to date on having their routine cleaning and check up before you start your braces. You can make an appointment with the pediatric dentist and make sure that they know you need a good deep cleaning so that the teeth are prepared to accept the braces. The teeth will be blocked with braces for a long time and that makes them harder to keep clean. That is why it is important to have them cleaned before you start any treatment.

Dental Fillings Before Braces

The other reason that you need to see the dentist first is to inspect and locate any issues. The issues can be anything that is wrong with the teeth and the gums that should be addressed before you start any secondary treatments. One of the most common things that you do is to ensure that any cavities that your child might have are filled and taken care of. You also want to make sure any teeth that are in need of extraction are also cared for by the dentist before you start your braces as well. The orthodontist will require you to show that you have had any and all dental work done prior to applying the braces on your child.

Pediatric Dental Care

Smile Reef can make sure that your child’s teeth are prepared for orthodontic care. Call us today to make your appointment.