When you have a child you know that they need to be cared for by a very special group of experts. They have trained to work on your young and growing kids and know what they need. This is why many new moms go on the hunt for a pediatrician and why they look for the right dental professional. When it comes to dentists, there are are pediatric dentists that are best for your kids to visit for lots of reasons. They are able to offer an easy and comfortable environment for your family. They have the tools and personality to help maneuver through an appointment that might be stressful for a child. As your child starts to grow and become a teen they may start to be more comfortable and you may be wondering if they need to continue to see a pediatric dentist. Smile Reef outlines why your teen should continue to visit us regularly!

Teens are Still Learning About Good Oral Hygiene

One of the things that you should know is that your child is still learning. Of course everyone is learning throughout life but a teen is still getting to know what it takes to care for themselves. This is a process that takes a lot of time and that is why it is a good idea to continue to see a dentist that teaches these skills. When you see a regular adult dentist they are there to make sure that your teeth are cared for. They clean and fill cavities but won’t spend much time to talking about why you might have buildup and other dental issues. The pediatric dentist is a professional that is there to make sure they talk your youth into what they are doing and why. They also can talk about the best foods and dental hygiene that will help your child create good habits.

Teenage Teeth Development

As your child grows there are many stages that their teeth will go through. They start as a baby getting their baby teeth in and that takes a few years to complete. Then they start to lose their baby teeth and the adult teeth will start to come in. There are also changes to the molars in their mouth that come at different stages. Even as a teenager their teeth are still changing and moving and growing. This is why you want to see a pediatric dentist to make sure that all the changes are appropriate and that there are no issues that need to be addressed.

Orthodontic Referral

There are two things that most teens will need to have addressed when it comes to their dental health. One of them is that they may need to see an orthodontist that will help to correct their bite and their alignment. This is something that a pediatric dentist can keep an eye on and alert you to when it should happen. The other part is when your teen needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. This is done to protect the integrity of their teeth as well as the cleanliness as well. The pediatric dentist can offer their advice on who to see and when it should be done.

Pediatric Dental Care

Smile Reef can help your child from birth all the way through their teen years to create a base for good oral hygiene they will benefit from their whole lives. Call us today to make your appointment.