Your child’s teeth are affected by their health and nutrition, even before that first baby tooth erupts. Baby teeth serve a vital role as they hold the proper position and spacing for the adult teeth that will eventually take up their position. Part nutrition, part home care, part genetics, and part professional check-ups and treatment all contribute to protecting your child’s oral health, every step of the way. For a lifetime, these actions can help your child’s teeth serve them altogether. With today’s dental technology and techniques there is a lot to repair damage from injuries and decay. Preventing damage is always better than fixing damage. Considered important parts of a preventive care plan is the good home care and professional cleanings of course. To help protect your children’s teeth from decay, there is another tool dentist have in their arsenal. With this in mind, we at Smile Reef would like to elaborate on sealants to protect your child’s teeth.

Application of Dental Sealants Procedure

Teeth are more protected with dental sealants. Generally, both sets of permanent molars and some baby teeth (if they are in particular danger of getting cavities) are ideal with this preventive treatment that works by placing a protective cover of sorts over teeth that are in difficult to reach places. The dental sealant application procedure can be broken down into these basic steps below with this non-invasive treatment taking only a few minutes per tooth:
1) After professionals clean the teeth, the treatment is usually then performed.
2) Depending on their age and temperament, numbing is not necessary, however, some children may require sedation.
3) Applied to the teeth is an acid etch material, which is then washed off.
4) Placed on the bumpy surface of the back teeth is a special coating of white colored resin.
5) Where cavities are most likely to form, it is applied until it fills up the cracks and crannies.
6) Touched to the teeth is a special light that will harden the resin.

Dental Sealants for Kids

Dental sealants are a good choice for your child when that first set of permanent molars erupt at about age six. This is an ideal to bring your child in to Smile Reef. Also, when the second molars erupt at around age 12, is another ideal time for your child to receive sealant protection. With a thin, clear or tooth-colored coating that is applied to teeth, a dental sealant coats each tooth and seeps into any grooves. The sealant provides a barrier against cavities. When food particles are left behind after eating, cavities occur. A cavity-causing acid is created from the food that mixes with your mouth’s natural bacteria. Back teeth have more contact with food since they are used to chew and grind what you eat. Additionally, the cleaning is challenging as the back teeth have more uneven surfaces. Dental sealants can protect these teeth against decay.

Pediatric Dentistry

If you are looking to invest in dental sealants to help protect your children’s teeth in the Greater Vegas Valley, call Smile Reef and make an appointment.