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Archive for November, 2019

Common Causes of Child Toothache & Pain; Cavities, Teeth Eruption, Chipped Tooth & More

Smile Reef

When it comes to kids healthcare there are many aspects you have to think about. Of course you want them to be growing and developing at a normal rate but you also want them to not have to suffer as well. There is no way to avoid all pain and trouble that your child may have to go through. One area of your child’s health that you want to make sure you are aware of and on top of is their oral health. Your child will go through many stages when it comes to their oral health from getting baby teeth to losing them and gaining their adult teeth. They also will have to see the dentist on a regular basis just like everyone else. One part of the child’s oral health is that they will potentially have a toothache or something that causes some pain in their mouth. Smile Reef outlines what might cause a toothache in your child’s mouth.

Cavity in Toddlers

You want to make sure you do what you can to protect your child’s teeth and mouth. This is the best thing you can do to avoid any type of pain but that does not mean that it will not still happen. One of the most common reasons a child is brought to the dentist with tooth pain is due to a cavity. The cavity is when the tooth has been damaged and the bacteria is eating away the tooth’s enamel. The cavity will often start to create pain in the child’s mouth when it has started to get larger and potentially hit the nerve. The pain is something that can cause trouble for the child and make it hard for them to function. You want to make sure you have the teeth checked regularly to avoid pain but if it happens you need to see the dentist right away. If you allow the cavity to get out of hand it could lead to tooth removal.

Baby & Permanent Teeth Eruption

You may not realize it but your baby is not the only one that is getting new teeth and going through the pain of teething. Kids over time will continue to gain teeth such as their molars. They also will lose the baby teeth and then the adult teeth have to come in. This can many times lead to pain at that might feel a lot like a toothache. The pain is something that can sometimes last a few days and usually will subside all on its own. You want to talk to the dentist about ways to reduce the pain of teething.

Chipped Tooth

Kids seem to be very active and can be found running around playing sports, riding bikes and more. These are all the kinds of activities that can lead to a chipped or broken tooth. The tooth can be chipped and start to cause some pain that you want to make sure you have looked at. The child may not even realize that they damaged a tooth.

Pediatric Toothache Treatments & More.

Smile Reef can help you if your child find relief when they have a toothache. Call us today!

How to Clean Baby Teeth; Gum Massager for Babies, Infant Finger Toothbrush & Teething Gel

Smile Reef

People are quick to do all that they can to help their infant. We know that when a child is born they rely strictly on parents and adults to get what they need. This is the time you are able to start to teach them how to do things on their own. They start to learn quickly that if they need something they can cry or make noise. As they grow they can use hand gestures and sounds to ask for what they need. They also have to learn how to care for themselves. They learn that bath time is important to make sure they are clean. You also want to make sure that your child learns from an early age that they need to take care of their mouth and teeth. Infants don’t have teeth right off the bat but that does not mean that you should not be caring for their gums and the teeth that are coming in. You want to start their training early and in turn you can be making sure that they are soothed. Smile Reef outlines how to care for your infant’s teeth and gums.

Gum Massager for Babies

The first thing you can do to help care for your infant’s gums is to massage them. There are many items that are sold on the market that you can use to place over one of your fingers. Then you use them to massage the gums of your child’s mouth. These materials are usually made of some sort of silicone and often has bumps on them. The reason behind the massaging of the gums is to help to build up the blood flow to your infants gum. The interesting thing that you should know is that as an adult you still want to offer some level of massage to your gums. When your infant is small and just starting to develop teeth and they are just starting to come in the massage is important. This can help to start off early health to their gums that will help throughout their life. Once you start to offer massaging of the gums the child will realize that this is important and will often try to do it themselves.

Cooling Teething Gels

The process of a child getting teeth from infancy can be very difficult. Most parents know that this can bring out some angry and upset children. It also can cause the child to have sores in their mouth and swollen gums. That is why there is something that you can do about it. The best thing that you can do about swollen gums is to offer your child a cooling teething ring. The cool ring will help to reduce the swelling and give your infant some comfort.

Infant Tooth Brushing

The last thing that you want to do is to make sure that you are ready to start teeth brushing right away. As soon as the teeth start to come in you want to offer them a tooth brush as a toy. Then you can go back and make sure that you brush them so that each area is hit and covered. Even the first start of teeth need to be brushed.

Infant Oral Care

Smile Reef can make sure that your child’s teeth and gums are cared for. Call today to make your next appointment.