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Archive for July, 2019

Dental Anxiety Management; How to Distract Your Child & Calm Their Nerves at the Dentist

Smile Reef

One of the biggest hurdles that people have whether they are an adult or a child is the fear of going to the dentist. This fear is usually quite unfounded and comes from some other person’s experience that you heard about. It also can be a fear that is passed down from a family member to a child. You want to make sure that your child does not create a fear over going to the dentist. This is so that when they do go they can form their own opinion. If you go to a dentist that is for pediatric patients they have the practice and expertise to work with a young child and make them feel at ease. Part of the process starts at home and what you can do to reduce the fear that a child may have. Smile Reef outlines what you can do to help reduce the fear your child may have about the dentist.

Watch What You Say About Dentists

When you start to talk to a child about going to the dentist what you say has a large impact. You want to make sure that you use positive words when you talk about it and don’t lead with any information about how things can be uncomfortable. Never talk to them about getting shots or that there is a tool that may sound noisy. It is best for the dental professional to talk to them about any treatment that they need. There are many times that you child will not need any major work and using words that might scare them can lead to fear that is unwarranted.

Start Taking Child to Dentist Early

When you have a young child you might wonder when you should start taking them to the dentist. The child will develop teeth through their toddler ages then as they get older they will go through them and get their adult teeth. Some people choose to wait until their child has an issue with a tooth before they go to the dentist. That means that the child’s first interaction is when they are having some pain and need some treatments. It is better to start seeing the dentist early when they are not having any troubles. This will give them a starting point when things are in good shape. You want to continue to see the dentist on a regular basis so that it is a normal experience for the child.

Reward Child for Attending Dentist Appointment

When you have a child that has to go to the dentist you want to make sure that the child has a reward that they can earn when they go and do a good job at the dentist. The best rewards are ones that will not put their oral health at risk so stay away from sticky candy and treats. It is a good idea to have a fun date planned with the child seeing a movie, the zoo or a museum to spend some time.

Pediatric Dentistry

Smile Reef has expert dentists that are able to put your child at ease. Call us today to make an appointment.

Drinking Water & Oral Health; Producing More Saliva, Fluoride Strengthens Teeth & More

Smile Reef

There are many elements that affect the oral hygiene of our kids. With us firmly sitting in the summer, water is being promoted in the Vegas Valley to keep everyone hydrated, but water consumption plays another role as well. Training the little ones to brush at least twice a day, frequent flossing and using mouthwash are all the best habits for the kids to grow into adults, but there is more they can do to promote a healthy smile. Foods and beverages can make an impact on gums and teeth and choosing the wrong diet makes a difference. Today, we at Smile Reef would like to share the benefits and importance of water has for oral health.

1) Producing More Saliva

Chewing and swallowing can be difficult without adequate saliva. In addition, children often experience uncomfortable dry mouth. Simply by having your kids drink plenty of water, you can prevent the discomfort of dry mouth and assist in more efficient chewing and swallowing as more saliva is produced. With enough water, the kids’ enamel can be stronger and contribute to a cavity-free mouth.

2) Fluoride in Drinking Water

Fluoride is great for teeth’s health, and with the small doses found in tap water, kids teeth are better protected. To reduce tooth decay by at least 25% in both children and adults, fluoride use in water is effective as a preventative measure according to the ADA.

3) Water Helps Rinse any Residual Sugar & Acid from the Surface of Teeth

Any sugar residue clinging on tooth surfaces that causes cavities as well as leftover food particles that are left between your teeth surface when the children have finished eating can lead to cavities and other oral hygiene issues. Drinking water, especially during and after eating, will rinse away the residues and particles. While drinking water, encourage the little ones to rinse their mouth out for 30 seconds after eating before indulging in drinking their water to loosen up the particles.

4) Water is a Zero Calorie Drink

The United States has experienced a rising consumption in sugary beverages which is a major contributor to the increasing rate of obesity. Kids are 26% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes when they consume up to 2 sugary beverages per day. To avoid these consequences, substitute water for one of colas, sugary juices and sports drinks instead. Water is an incredibly healthy choice for beverage consumption for the little ones and there are no calories to be concerned with.

5) Encourage Kids to Drink More Water

Unlike other drinks, water is by far the healthiest beverage available. It is recommended that 8 glasses of water in 8 oz glasses every day should be drank by everyone, including kids. Having your kids drink water has many benefits in addition to promoting healthier oral hygiene.

Pediatric Dentistry

To keep your teeth and gums in excellent health, do not forget to schedule your child’s routine dental cleaning and checkup with Smile Reef today!