If you have a child or you are going to have one, you want to make sure you know how to best care for them. You need to determine when the child needs health care and when to start changing their diet as they age. Another aspect of the child health and development that you want to have a good idea about is their oral health. It does not mean the care of just their teeth but everything that is in their mouth. The interesting thing is that you need to change how you care for your child oral hygiene based on their age. As they grow their mouth will change as well as the things that they are eating. That is why you need to know what to do and when to make these changes.

Smile Reef Offers Tips for Child Dental Care & Oral Hygiene Instruction for Parents

Newborn Oral Care: When you have just had a new baby the last thing that you want to worry about is their dental care. The problem is that just as important their vaccinations are and feeding them a full meal their oral care is on the list too. A new baby will be feeding strictly on mother’s milk or formula through a bottle. The baby getting this type of food can bring the nutrients that the child needs but it can build upon their tongue and their gums. When the baby is in infancy you want to start with a soft clean cloth to wipe down the babies mouth after they are done eating. This will also stimulate the babies gums which will bring the blood flow to them. There are some children that will start to develop teeth and when they do you want to also use a soft baby toothbrush on their fresh teeth two times a day. This will make sure that the buildup is removed from the teeth as well.
Toddler Dental Care to Avoid Tooth Decay: When you have a toddler they seem to want to get into everything. They also are getting to an age that they want to be independent. When it comes to their oral health it is a great age to start showing them how to brush their teeth. They should have all their baby teeth in and learning good technique early can help in the long run. Although you are teaching them it is important that you continue to do the thorough cleaning for several years.
Tooth Care for Older Children & Teens: The next step of a child’s oral care is when they are on their own when it comes to brushing. This is the time in their life that they need to be brushing well at least two times a day. They also should be flossing on a regular basis. Any extra care that is needed will be determined when the child gets to the dentist. The child should have began their dental treatments when they start to cut their first teeth. This will help to keep the child calm about going to the dentist.

Pediatric Dental Care

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