It seems that when you take your child to the doctor for a checkup it is not big deal but when it is time to see the dentist there seems to be anxiety. For some reason the dentist gets a bad wrap when it comes to children and adults. If you ask the people that are fearful why they don’t usually have an example as to why. Something that is new can be scary for children but going into an office that works with children and offers specialized treatments to have your child feel at ease is the best way to go. There are some procedures that you want to make sure your child is ready for. This includes having a tooth extraction. This is a procedure that most people assume only need to be done when you are an adult but there are several reasons that your child may need to have a tooth pulled. It is best to talk to your child about the procedure so they are adequately ready for what is ahead.

Smile Reef Outlines the Top Reasons Your Child May Need to Have a Tooth Pulled

Tooth Trauma & Nerve Damage: Do you have an active child that gets out a lot and plays sports? This describes the majority of kids and their constant forward motion. Children love to be free and test the limits of their capabilities. Occasionally that can lead to damage as well as injury. If your child is out playing in a sport that has some contact they might get hit in the mouth. This can lead to damaging a tooth that may not be in the shape to be repaired. This is one of the reasons that a dentist may deem a tooth extraction necessary. If a tooth has been damaged too far and it is a baby tooth it is often pulled out. A spacer can be placed until the new tooth has time to grow into place.
Tooth Decay: There are some parents that are not aware how early tooth care is in a child’s life is necessary. Your child’s oral care actually starts before any teeth even show up in their mouth. You want to make sure that you massage the child’s gums and as soon as they have teeth it is time to start brushing and get into the dentist. Early oral care is a great way to prevent their teeth from suffering decay. Children are often not great at caring for their own teeth and that can leave food and other debris on their teeth. When a tooth that has been decayed too far it can lead to needing a tooth extraction.
Preparing For Braces: The other reason that a dentist may need to have a tooth pulled from a child’s mouth is as a recommendation from the orthodontist. Some mouths are too small to keep all the teeth and straighten them out. The orthodontist may need to have a tooth pulled out so that they can start their treatments.

Pediatric Tooth Extractions

Smile Reef offers expert pediatric dental services including tooth extractions. Our number one priority is to ensure that your child is comfortable and safe comfortable during all dental treatments so we offer a fun, enjoying environment and well as sedation options to help your child relax. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your child today!

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