It’s a bad feeling when you show up for a pediatric dental appointment and find out your child has several cavities or worse. You want to know that the oral hygiene that your child is developing is enough to keep their teeth in good condition. Although oral hygiene is extremely important, it is not the only part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. You also need to be aware of the foods and drinks that your child is eating and drinking. Too much sugar is bad even if you have a stellar kid that brushes and flosses really well. Sticky candy and acidic foods are also not a great option so knowing your child’s abilities when it comes to oral hygiene and what they should be doing is a great way to prevent some major dental work at a young age. A pediatric dentist is able to give specific advice for your child individually when you see us for an exam.

Smile Reef Explains What Oral Hygiene Your Child Should Have at Each Stage of Their Life

Do I Need to Clean My Baby’s Mouth?: Oral hygiene is not just teeth or it would be called tooth care! Oral hygiene includes the entire interior of your child’s mouth which includes teeth, gums and their tongue. Prior to your child’s teeth coming in you need to start caring for your child’s mouth. They are much too young to be given the reins on this issue so it is best left to mom and dad. The best thing you can do is to clean off their gums after they have been fed. It is best to remove the excess formula or food that they have eaten. A soft baby cloth is a great option with some water. It can become a very soothing moment for the child and they will start to get used to caring for their mouth.
Brushing Baby Teeth: When you have a child that is a few years old and has started to break though many teeth, your cloth cleaning is not going to work anymore. You will need to up your game on the oral care front. Teeth require cleaning by a toothbrush and some kind of toothpaste. You want to take good care of the child’s young teeth for two main reasons. One to prevent decay and two so that they are learn proper technique for brushing and flossing early. This is a great age to make brushing fun and a teaching moment. You will need to continue for a few years to brush the child’s teeth for them to ensure that each tooth is being treated as well as their gums. Give them some help with a follow up so that you are sure the teeth have been brushed and flossed thoroughly.
Oral Hygiene for Older Children: When a child hits about seven to nine years old they should be able to care for their teeth the majority of the time. They can use their own toothbrush and safely apply the toothpaste. They have had some supervision so let them go for it. It is always a great idea to have a follow up every few days to be sure that they are doing it thoroughly.

Pediatric Dental Exams & Treatments

Be sure you start seeing a pediatric dentist early. We can make sure any problems are caught right away and treated before they get too big. It is also a great way to start your child feeling comfortable at the dentist.

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