Especially to those first time parents, getting your toddler to brush their teeth can be a battle. You may be lost on how to approach teaching this every day ritual. Keeping your kids teeth brushed is important. They will carry these teeth for quite a while. Kids will start to lose their baby teeth around the age of 6 or 7 and can take until ages 10 or 12 to lose them all. Make sure to teach your kids that brushing is important and needs to be done every day. Now a two year old won’t understand the importance, but you can start creating habits. Smile Reef will cover some tips and even mistakes parents have made in the past, to aid you in teaching your little one how to brush their teeth.

When Should a Child Brush Their Own Teeth

Keep in mind, moms and dads; you will need to continue to assist your children in brushing their teeth until they are about 7 years old. If proper brushing is not taught, it will lead to cavities and tooth decay. By age 7 they are able to do a thorough and proper cleaning of their teeth if monitored.

Demonstrate Proper Teeth Brushing Techniques

First tip is to brush your teeth in front of your kids. They learn by observing us. If they see you brush your teeth after each meal, it sends a subliminal message. When it comes time for them to start brushing their teeth, it’s already a familiar example of what mom and dad does. This will make your beginning approach a little easier and less scary to your little one.

Let Your Child See How You Brush Their Teeth

This is another common mistake. Parents will often sit the child on the toilet to brush their teeth. This is not good. Stand them in front of the mirror. How else will they see what you are doing and learn? It may be more difficult for you as a parent to brush your kid’s teeth while they face the mirror. But you will find they learn to do it themselves faster.

Don’t Skip Teeth Brushing

Don’t skip teeth brushing. If you have a scheduled routine, stay on it. If not, it teaches your kids it’s ok to miss a brushing and eventually they could skip it all together.

How to Make Tooth Brushing Fun for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Keep it positive. Don’t use it as a punishment or don’t get upset if your child gives you a hard time. Make it positive and if possible, make it fun. Make it a family event, even if you have your little one practice on your teeth. If mommy or daddy brushes their teeth it’s exciting for them to do the same. However keep a pleasant look on your face especially when it comes to a 2 and 3 year old. Don’t make brushing teeth a bad thing.

Importance of Oral Hygiene

Here are but a few ways you can encourage your little one and let them know that brushing teeth is a positive thing to do. You can do the same for flossing as well. Keeping your kids teeth healthy now will help them have good teeth and good habits in the future. Smile Reef wishes you luck and patience in teaching your kids the importance of brushing their teeth.

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