The teething process in young children can be rough. Some children don’t seem to be phased by it, while another suffers until those pearly whites break through the surface. The eruption of a child’s primary teeth (or baby teeth) varies from child to child. It is important to remember that no child is the same, and that your child’s teeth may come in at a different pace than even their siblings. Smile Reef is here to talk about what you can expect as your child’s primary teeth start to emerge.

When Do Babies Start Teething?

In general, most babies first two teeth emerge between 6 to 10 months old. If your child doesn’t have any teeth by the time they are 10 months old, don’t panic. Every child develops differently. Here is a breakdown of a child’s teeth development:
• 6-10 Months- The central incisors, or two front teeth, on the lower jaw usually erupt.
• 8-13 Months- The central incisors, or two front teeth, on the upper jaw emerge.
• 8-16 Months- The lateral incisors on both the upper and lower jaw come in. The lower lateral incisors usually make their appearance first.
• 13-19 Months- The first molars appear at this time. These teeth will be fairly flat surfaced and located in the back of the mouth.
• 16-22 Months- The cuspid, or canine teeth, which are located to the side of the lateral incisors erupt on the upper and lower jaw.
• 25-33 Months- Your child’s second set of molars will appear on the upper and lower jaw at this time.
Most babies are finished teething by the time they reach their 3rd year. They should have 20 primary teeth in all when they are completely finished.

Losing Baby Teeth Chart

Here is a breakdown of the ages you can expect your child to lose their primary teeth:
• 6-8 Years- Between the ages of six and eight your child will lose their central and lateral incisors on both the top and bottom.
• 9-11 Years- You can expect that your child will lose their first molars on the top and bottom along with their canine or cuspid teeth.
• 10-12 Years- Your child will finally lose their second set of molars at this time.

Caring for Primary Teeth; When to Start Brushing Baby Gums

At first, parents may not think they need to put much effort into caring for their child’s primary teeth because they will eventually be losing them anyway. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your child won’t lose their last primary teeth until they are as old as 12 years. During that time, if your child’s teeth aren’t properly cared for, they run the risk of losing them prematurely. Primary teeth need to remain intact in order for your child to eat as well as leave space in their mouth for adult teeth to emerge.

Do You Really Need to Go to the Dentist Regularly?

Having your child see a pediatric dentist early is very important. Not only can your child get used to visiting the dentist, but the dentist can ensure your child’s teeth development is where it should be and that their teeth are healthy. Smile Reef has years of experience caring for young children and their oral health. Call us today!

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