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Brushing Teeth – When Do I Start My Baby?

Smile Reef

As we all know having a healthy baby is a daily job! It actually starts long before that “Bundle of Joy” is placed in your arms! Pregnancy is a critical period in the development of a healthy baby, so prenatal care and loving yourself is at the top of the list. Once that little bundle is here, it is now your job to parent! Wow, what a huge responsibility! So many things to do and remember and not to mention everyone around you has all kinds of advice. A little overwhelming at times, but take a few deep breaths, and enjoy everyday; you will never get a do over day! So, brushing baby teeth! Is it really that important? They are only baby teeth and will start falling out by the time they start school, right? Wrong; baby teeth play an important role in the development of speech, eating, holding appropriate space for the adult teeth and then most importantly, that goofy little smile that lightens even the most frazzled days! What is cuter that those first two bottom teeth and the sparkle they add to that little giggle!


Ok, down to business: when do I start brushing my baby’s teeth?  NOW!  Even though there are no teeth, the mouth can harbor bacteria, so most pediatricians will tell new moms to use a soft cloth or gauze around their finger to gently cleanse the gums twice a day. Sounds crazy? Well I can tell you that should you ever have the need for a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), the nurses do this as part of their routine and loving care. As any parent knows, children are very observant and delight in copying mom or dad in all they do! By the time those first teeth come in, help the baby to brush his little pearls when you do. They love to do what you do! There is no need for tooth paste, but if he/she insists, use non-fluoride and only a tiny amount! Until about age 3 to 5 (average) you will need to help with brushing ALL those little teeth, but allow them to do as much as they can with fun prompts and encouragement.


How to pick a tooth brush:

* Soft brush

* Small head (for that small mouth)

* Large handle (easier for baby to manage)


Most pediatricians encourage the first dental visit at about one year.  It is important to introduce in a positive way, with the wonderful pediatric dental offices available like Smile reef. For children, they can be very helpful for an array of possible concerns. Come on in for a little meet-n-greet that can include education on:

* Baby teeth care

* Teething

* Fluoride

* Thumb sucking


Some babies take a bottle or a sippy cup to get to sleep until two or even three years old; it is important to understand that putting anything except water in that bottle is not a good choice. Some pediatricians are OK with breast milk or formula in a bottle for the very young, under 12 months. Milk and juices have sugars that will aid in the development of cavities! The saddest face to look at is a wee one with a tooth ache!


The development of good habits is the start of a happy and healthy smile!  As any parent knows, coming up with silly games to take advantage of each teaching moment is at times a challenge. With dental care, Smile Reef can help you with some fun ways to keep that smile a happy one!

corbin brushing teeth

Greet 2015 with a Great Smile

Smile Reef

With another year coming to an end and a new year just beginning, it is our wish that all our little patients and families have a great smile to greet 2015! A new year is a time for new beginnings and new resolutions. Smile Reef is here to help you keep that resolution to improve your children’s health and ensure their beautiful smiles stay that way.

For little ones, a new year may not be an event that they can fully understand, but this is a time for all of us to reflect over the past year; to think of all of the accomplishments as well as the many challenges that have been overcome to make us stronger! It may seem like the little members of our families are not affected by the many challenges and accomplishments, but they see and feel everyday how we choose to face them.

One thing that won’t change for Smile Reef in 2015 is our commitment to provide the highest quality pediatric dental care to our young patients. It is with little ones in mind that the family at Smile Reef is constantly searching for caring and effective ways to serve your children in a non-threatening way. We want to make their experience here at Smile Reef one that they look forward to and that offers them a part in the process. Children learn fear from experiences, and sometimes those fears are implanted before they ever visit a dentist, by listening to the horror stories shared between adults. We want to give your children their own positive experiences that teach them that going to the Dentist is a great thing!

Make it a part of your child’s new year to visit us at Smile Reef and start your brood on the road to a life long, happy and healthy smile! We offer opportunities for you to bring your child in for just a fun visit and a child meet and greet too!

From all of us at Smile Reef, we want to thank you for trusting us with your children’s dental health. We look forward to a healthy and prosperous 2015 and wish you all a Happy New Year!