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Common Kid Dental Problems in Las Vegas, NV; Cracked Tooth, Tongue Injury & Toothache

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It seems like keeping kids safe and on track in life is a full time job. They always seem to be on the go and have sports, extracurricular, play dates and nap time that are on the list. You want to make sure you know what you can do for each of your kids so that they are in good shape and are healthy. Most people realize they need to start taking their kids to the dentist when their teeth start to come in. You also know that you need to make sure your kid’s teeth are brushed properly, flossed and that you are watching what they are eating. The foods that they eat can cause trouble for their teeth so a good healthy balance is important. Even if you are careful with your kids teeth there are also problems that you can end up having with your kids teeth. There are some problems that come that will require you a quick trip to the dentist. Smile Reef lists common dental problems your kids might experience.

Cracked Tooth

It seems like kids go full on when they are out playing with friends and family. They never take it easy and that is why most kids at some time in their live they will crack or fracture a tooth. A tooth can be cracked when they fall on the ground, bump heads with another kids, crash their bike and so much more. You want to make sure that if this occurs you collect what you can of the tooth and secure it in a clean spot. Then get to the dentist right away. If you allow the fractured tooth to not be treated it can lead to a bacterial infection. The best thing you can do is to make sure that they see a pediatric dentist right away.

Injury to Tongue or Cheek

Kids play hard on a regular basis. The great thing is that most of the time they hit something their teeth will stay intact. The teeth are quite hard and usually can withstand an impact. The problem is that your mouth is surrounded with soft tissue such as your cheeks, tongue and more. If you have kids that play any sports you know that they can have an injury. They can have a problem that a tooth has pierced the tongue and the cheek. This can be an jury that need to be looked at. You also want to make sure none of the teeth are effected as well.


You are supposed to have your kids in for dental visits twice a year. This is a great way to avoid any major troubles that need attention by the dentist. The problem is that you can still have a kids wake up in the morning with a toothache. There are different reasons that your kid could have a toothache. They might have an abscess or a cavity that need to be treated. They may require dental work or medication to treat the tooth ache.

Pediatric Dental Care

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Pros of Dental Sealants on Chewing Surfaces of Teeth; Prevent Tooth Decay & Cavities

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It can be difficult to navigate all the things that a child needs these days. There are groups that are created just to try and help with all the work that a new mother has to handle. You want to make smart choices for your bundle of joy from the way that you sleep straight through to the foods that you start to introduce. Through a child’s life there are obstacles you have to take on that might be easy to understand and others that are not so easy. When it comes to the oral health of your child most moms know to have the child brush, floss and how to act as the tooth fairy. What you may not know is that there are other things you can be doing to protect your child from dental disorders and problems. You want to make sure that you know what options are available to you and why it is a good idea to take advantage of them. One of the things you should know about are called dental sealants. Smile Reef outlines why this preventive treatment is so important for kids.

What is a Tooth Sealant?

If you are not sure what a dental sealant is and if it is right for your child it is great to learn all about the procedure. The great thing is this is a procedure that is pain free and will cause no discomfort or recovery time for your child. These are the best kinds of procedures to have to make your child continue to feel comfortable when they go to the dentist. The sealant happens after the regular appointment for a good cleaning. When the teeth are cleaned they are dried off and prepared for the sealant to be applied. The tooth will receive a conditioning treatment that will act as a barrier to that particular tooth. The sealant is a liquid that will be placed over the tooth and allowed to get in all the grooves of the tooth. Then the sealant will dry and you are ready to go about your day just as normal.

Purpose of Dental Sealants

You might be wondering what a sealant is even good for if the procedure is that simple. The great thing is that the sealant is often applied to the back teeth of a child during the time that most kids develop cavities. The sealant acts as a barrier that will not allow food debris and other bacteria to penetrate the tooth that has been treated. The sealants are good to stop decay that might result in your child developing a cavity that needs to be filled. If the teeth and the sealant are cared for and inspected at each appointment they can last as many years as they are needed.

When Should Dental Sealant Material Be Applied?

You want to make sure you talk to your pediatric dentist about when your child is ready to have sealants applied. This is something that can differ from child to child because each one’s teeth grow in at different rates. Be sure to keep up with your child’s routine visits to ensure the sealants are applied as soon as possible.

Pediatric Dental Sealants & More

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