If you are like many parents, the bottles and sippy cups that your babies and small children use can prove to be a lifesaver. For some kids, it is simply the best way to give them the nutrients that you know they need. However, it is important that you understand what these cups and bottles are doing to your child’s teeth when they are used too much. Smile Reef is here to talk about the impact that bottles and sippy cups can have your child’s teeth.

Don’t Give Children Bottles & Sippy Cups at Bedtime

It isn’t uncommon for small children and babies to want a bottle or sippy cup when they are going to bed. For many kids, this is a comfort to them and can help soothe them to sleep. It can also cause harm to your child’s teeth though. If you are giving them formula or juice in their bottles or sippy cups, it could be causing tooth decay to happen. Even if you are using juice that is made with no added sugar, the sugar from the fruit itself could be causing damage.

Avoid the Practice from the Beginning

When your child needs to have a bottle or sippy cup to go to bed, it can be difficult to simply stop giving it to them. The best way to avoid this problem is to not do it in the first place. If you can find other ways to soothe your child to sleep, that is going to be what’s best for their oral health. If your child depends on a sippy cup or bottle to go to sleep, it is recommended that only water be put in them.

What Age Should a Child Stop Using a Bottle or Sippy Cup

It can be difficult to avoid giving your child a bottle or sippy cup at bedtime. Most parents are simply desperate for their child to go to sleep. However, it is recommended that you start to wean your child from needing a bottle or sippy cup by the time they reach 2 years old. Try to only give your child a sippy cup when they are eating a meal.

Bottles & Sippy Cups Can Cause Misalignment

Not only can children struggle with tooth decay problems when they use a bottle or sippy cup too much, but it can also cause alignment issues. It is similar to when a child uses a binary for too long. If you allow your child to use sippy cups or bottles for too long, it can start to cause problems with their teeth. This is a time when your child is starting to really develop their teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry

If you are concerned about your child’s oral health because of a baby bottle, sippy cup, or a pacifier, you can turn to Smile Reef to answer all your questions. We will give your child a complete exam as we look for any signs of tooth decay or misalignment. Call us today!