When your kids start to get older and lose their cute baby teeth, it might come as a shock to see these enormous adult teeth emerging in their places. This natural part of life is fun and exciting for our kids. Some parents might feel concerned when they notice that the teeth that are replacing their kid’s cute baby teeth are more yellow than the teeth that were there before. Smile Reef is here to talk about why this happens and help assure parents that it is a lot more common than they might think.

What is the Main Cause of Yellow Teeth?

There are several things that can cause teeth to go yellow in both children and adults.
– Thin Enamel: Below tooth enamel is tooth dentin. This is yellowish in color. If you have only a thin layer of enamel over your dentin, you will notice that the teeth start to look yellow.
– Staining: There are many foods and drinks that can cause yellowing and staining. Dark berries, tomato sauce, sodas, coffee and other food and drink are all known to cause staining.
– Bad Hygiene: If plaque has started to build up on your child’s teeth because they aren’t taking care of brushing and flossing, it can cause the teeth to start to look yellow.
– Cavities: When there are cavities or decay on teeth, it can also contribute to yellowing teeth. This is also the most common dental issue that we see in kids.

Are Baby Teeth Whiter than Permanent Teeth?

A common question that we have from parents has to do with the permanent teeth that come in looking more yellow than the baby teeth that are still in their child’s mouth. Parents can rest easy since this is a common thing. Permanent teeth contain far more dentin than baby teeth do. While your child’s permanent teeth might look more yellow, it is more than likely just because they are next to baby teeth which have far less dentin in them. The adult teeth that have come in will start to get whiter with time and loose that yellow tint they have right now.

How to Prevent Yellowing Teeth

Even though it is normal for permanent teeth to look yellower than baby teeth, it is important that parents help their children avoid yellowing teeth caused by issues. Here are some helpful tips:
– Parents need to take the time to teach their children proper hygiene. Good oral health is going to be the key to keeping your child’s teeth white.
– You should also encourage your children to eat a healthy diet and not eat too many foods that cause staining.
– Don’t forget to schedule regular visits with your dentist to stay on top of any issues with your child’s teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry

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