Having a child come to you in pain can be such a hard thing as a parent. As a parent, you don’t know why they are in pain and you want to help. When your child comes to you complaining of pain in their teeth, it will typically be due to a loose tooth or a cavity. Today, Smile Reef wants to talk about cavities, so your child can know what they are and hopefully prevent them in the future.

What is a Tooth Cavity?

Many times, you can know if your kids have a cavity because they may complain that their tooth hurts. It could be sensitive all the time or when they drink or eat. Or there could be a sharp pain when there is pressure applied to that tooth or area of the mouth. So, what is a cavity? A cavity is a decayed area in the tooth. This is why your mouth becomes so sensitive. A cavity can start to form because your child is not flossing or brushing well enough.

What are the Stages of Cavities?

1- The first stage of cavities is called plaque on your teeth. This is what can cause tooth decay. The plaque will cover your teeth, it is clear and sticky so you might not even realize it is there. This will form because too much sugar and food get on your teeth and you have not cleaned your teeth well afterward. The bacteria will start forming in your mouth. The bacteria will start to eat at the sugar on your teeth. This is what will give you the plaque on your teeth which is very acidic.
2- Once this has happened then it will start into the second stage because the tooth has a harder time protecting your teeth. The enamel (a protective layer) is broken down because of the plaque and small holes begin to form on the tooth. When this starts then it will find its way down to dentin. Dentin is a softer layer of the tooth and with the holes in it, it will worsen and get to the nerves.
3- Once it has gone through the dentin then it comes to the pulp. This layer has nerves and blood vessels, which can be very sensitive. Once that bacteria get to the pulp then it can start to get swollen or irritated and be painful. If you don’t treat it then it could start to get infected.

How Can You Fix a Dental Cavity?

Even though cavities are painful and sound really scary, they are very common. The great thing is that if you make regular dentist visits the dentist can catch the cavity early and fix it. They will remove the decay from your tooth and fill in the holes. This will make your tooth feel so much better and healthier.

How Can You Prevent Cavities?

The great thing is that even though cavities are very common they can be avoided as long you do what you are supposed to be doing. Bush your teeth at least twice a day and floss. Limit your sugar and visit your dentist regularly, usually, that is every six months.

Pediatric Dentistry

With children, we know it can be hard to get them to brush and floss. Try to make it fun. There are apps you can use, sing songs, or play music. There are many things you can do to help your child enjoy brushing their teeth. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s teeth, Smile Reef is happy to help.