It breaks your heart to see your child in pain. When they are in pain and won’t eat because their mouth hurts you need to do something about it. You don’t want them to continue to complain and be in pain. Take them to the dentist and have the dentist figure out what is going on. Yes, taking them to the dentist is very important and the best way to solve the problem, but Smile Reef wants to help you learn some reasons why your child could be complaining that their tooth hurts and is sensitive.

Untreated Cavities

Just like an adult’s tooth, as a cavity grows it becomes more and more sensitive as the inner nerve is left exposed. This can cause your child pain in the tooth, especially when they are eating or brushing their teeth. So, what about the baby teeth? Should you still treat a baby tooth that has a cavity? Yes, If any tooth including baby teeth has a cavity it needs to be treated to help prevent further damage.

New Teeth Coming In

Getting new teeth can really make the mouth sensitive. Babies start to get new teeth from about 4 months until about 2. So, if your little baby is acting like their mouth is hurting and sensitive it could be because they are getting a new tooth. If your child has lost a tooth and a new one is coming in, that can make their teeth sensitive. Even when their tooth is wiggly, their tooth could be a little more sensitive than normal. Your child will be losing and getting new teeth anywhere around 6 to 12 years old.

Too Much Sugar

Kids love sugar. The more the better for them, well, that is what they think. There can be many problems with giving your kids too much sugar, but let’s talk about the problems it creates on their teeth. A large amount of sugar leads to a breakdown of the enamel. The enamel helps protect your teeth. So if the sugar is breaking it down it can then leave their teeth prone to sensitivity.

Cracked Tooth

If you have a cracked tooth, it can make your mouth and teeth very sensitive. Yes, a cracked tooth can be caused by a fall or accented to the face that caused damage to your tooth. But it can also be caused by teeth grinding or clenching. When you are grinding your teeth, it can start to slowly create fractures to the enamel. Over time with more pressure, the fractures get deeper and it can cause your tooth the crack.

Pediatric Dental Care

Don’t let your child be in pain when it is something that can be fixed and prevented. Let’s help your child limit the chances that their teeth will be sensitive. Try and help your child make smart eating choices. Eat fruits and vegetables instead of sugary treats and drinks. But if your child is experiencing sensitivity with their teeth, Smile Reef will happily help your child get their tooth to stop hurting.