You do your best to make this time of year magical for your child as a loving parent. Your kids remember and share with their children someday the traditions you are building. An important part of the festivities is the food for many families. You should also be concerned about your child’s health, and the holidays are stuffed with foods that can lead to cavities. Today, we at Smile Reef would like to share some of these foods are and how you can protect your child’s precious smile.

Holiday Foods that Eat Away Enamel

Though a few of the cavity-causing foods may not be surprising, other may surprise you. For example, stuffing is high in carbohydrates, and though it has little sugar in it, carbs are broken down into sugars, which fuels harmful bacteria in your child’s mouth. You should be aware if the harmful foods so you can avoid them, or at least be proactive with their consumption. Below are the top foods of the holiday that will likely damage their teeth.
Candy Canes. Basically, any hard candy can be damaging to your child’s teeth, although candy canes are among the most favored candies this time of year. This type of candy sits in the mouth, which prolongs teeth’s exposure to sugar instead of being chewed and swallowed right away. Cavities will develop from the bacteria use that sugar in your child’s mouth to create eroding acids.
Baked Goods. It doesn’t seem like the holidays unless you smell something in the oven for many families. Most of these favorites aren’t necessarily beneficial for your child’s oral health, whether you are baking cookies or pies, unfortunately. You make the bacteria happy but not teeth since baked goods tend to be highly sugary and full of carbs.
Dried Fruit. Dried fruit seems like a good idea at first glance, since it is fruit after all. Dried fruit has a much higher concentration of sugar with the moisture taken out, however. You may want to rethink giving your child a slice of fruitcake, dried fruit also tends to be very sticky and stay on teeth longer than fresh fruit.

How Can I Keep My Child’s Teeth Healthy?

It is not very practical, though staying away from these foods entirely would be the simplest way to preserve your child’s teeth and gums. These snacks and treats are everywhere this time of year, and they are delicious. There are things you can do to allow your child to enjoy the holidays and their favorite foods and reduce the risk of decay, fortunately. These preventive actions include the following list below.
1) In small portions, select only one or two sweet treats per day.
2) Instead of dried fruit or candy, provide fresh fruit.
3) When they naturally salivate more drink plenty of water.
4) Ensure the kids brush their teeth twice and floss once per day.
5) For regular checkups and cleanings, take them to see the pediatric dentist.
6) Remember that keeping their teeth protected from cavities will enable them to keep smiling long after the holidays are over, though the lights, glitter, and treats can put a smile on your child’s face.

Pediatric Dentistry

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