Taking care of kids seems to be a constant uphill battle. They are seemingly forever tripping and scrapping a knee, bumping their head into a table and trying their best to avoid healthy food choices. Kids can be hard but most parents want to do all they can to ensure they are healthy and safe. One area of kids health that can be hard is their oral health. Kids do not always want to sit down and let their parent brush their teeth. You also as a parent might be giving the reins to your child too soon. They are not ready to take over their overall oral health for some time. An adult should be sure they are doing some of the cleaning for their child so that their teeth and gums are properly cared for. Some people are not sure what they can do to keep their kids from getting cavities. When they have cavities it can make the visit to the dentist a little more stressful. It is always a good idea to do what you can do prevent any issues and first you need to know what often causes cavities in kids. Smile Reef outlines what often causes kids to get cavities.

How Does Candy & Sugar Cause Cavities?

You want to start with your kids oral health by knowing what they are eating. The best place to start making sure that their teeth are not being attacked is by keeping some foods out of their diet when you can. The issue comes when your kid has too much sugar which is not always in the form of candy. You can get sugar from foods as well as drinks that you are giving them as well. You want to make sure that you are giving them water as much as possible not only for the health of their teeth but their body as well. The sugar that is on their teeth and in their mouth will stay close to and on the teeth. Then they start to create bacteria that will then lead to cavities that will need to be addressed by a professional. Find snacks and treats that you can give your child that contain less sugar and don’t have a sticky texture to them.

Incorrect Brushing & Flossing

When are you supposed to hand the reins over to your child when it comes to brushing and flossing? The answer is not one that can be given when it comes to age. It in reality is what the child’s ability is. Some kids are able to take over around five years old but should still have a parent that is checking the progress. Kids are not able to understand the importance of how to properly clean their teeth and how to actually take care of it. This is why you want to let them try while you watch then take over to be sure that those hard to reach areas are taken care of. Also lessons on how to floss even if your child has gaps is a good way to create a healthy habit of flossing and the technique that is needed.

Pediatric Dental Care

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