It seems like kids are sick often. They go out to the park or the mall and touch all of the handrails and all of the other surfaces and then touch their mouth and face. They go to school and share supplies with the other students and this is a common occurrence. This is also some of the reasons that kids get sick often. They are not that great at keeping their hands to themselves and being cautious of the germs that are all around them. You want to make sure you teach your child good hygiene and how to be careful. You also want to make sure you are prepared when your child does get sick. You want to ensure you are there to take care of them when they have the flu and also help to keep their mouth, teeth and gums clean as well. One area of the body that seems to be the main focal point when you are sick happens to be your face and in particular your mouth. It is important to make sure you continue with proper dental care when they are sick. Smile Reef outlines what you can do to keep dental care going when your child is sick.

Keep Brushing Teeth when You are Sick

One of the things that seems to be common when you have a child that is home sick is that they stay in bed. They lay down and call when they need a drink or some food to eat. They stay in their pajamas and don’t want to do much but sleep and watch the television. The best thing you can do to protect their teeth when they are sick is to make sure that they still get up to at least brush their teeth. The mucus that they are dealing with can start to build up on the teeth. This can cause them to stay sick for longer and continue to not feel good. Be sure that they are up a twice a day to rinse their mouth and to clean their teeth.

Drink Water when Sick with a Cold or Flu

It can be easy to let your child just sit around and to give them what they want but if you want them to get better and to keep their dental health in mind you need to make sure they are hydrated. This means that you need to stay on how often they get up and how often they are drinking water. Water is a big part of rinsing out the mouth and keeping the body hydrated. Your gums rely heavily on hydration to stay healthy.

Change Your Toothbrush After a Cold or Flu

The toothbrush is something that can be overlooked. It sits in the bathroom and you send your kid in to brush. You want to make sure you keep track of the age of the toothbrush. You also want to make sure that you get rid of the toothbrush when your child is sick. The time that they are contagious is before the symptoms actually show up. Start them off with a new toothbrush and when they are feeling better switch it out for a new one again. This is a great way to care for their oral health and general overall health as well.

Pediatric Oral Health

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