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Archive for February, 2020

Tips for Taking Autistic Child to Pediatric Dentist Specializing in Autism for Dental Treatment

Smile Reef

If you have an autistic child you already know the importance of preparing your child for new things. Most autistic children thrive on patterns and routine. Familiar places and familiar people are where they do best! Here at Smile Reef we typically only see your child a couple times a year. We understand that only seeing us so infrequently does not help your child feel at ease with us. We have some tips for how you can prepare your autistic child for their next office visit that we hope will put both you and your child more at ease.

Choose a Pediatric Dentist Specializing in Autism

The best thing that you can do for your autistic child is make sure that you are taking them to a dentist that works with special needs children. Since you are here on our website, we hope that you know already that Smile Reef is well trained in working with special needs children. If you do not know this, let us put your mind at ease. Dr. Jensen and the rest of the staff will take amazing care of your child during their visit. Once you know you have the right dentist you will want to start introducing your child to the idea of their upcoming visit to see us here at Smile Reef. One idea that many of our patients find helpful is to print out a picture of Dr. Jensen and show it to your child. We have pictures of Dr. Jensen on our website that will help you with this. If your child knows who they are coming to see it will help them feel less anxiety about the visit.

Give Autistic Child Information About their Dental Visit

Next you will want to help your child prepare for what will happen during the appointment. Walk them through what will happen at each part of their appointment. If you need a list of what will happen at their appointment give us a call and we can walk you through the main parts of the appointment. When your child knows what to expect it can help lower their anxiety about the appointment.

Social Stories of Dental Office for Children with Autism

Over the years we have found that many times the tools we use during your child’s appointment are a point of concern for autistic children. You may want to consider buying or borrowing some basic dental instruments. Letting your child see, touch, and interact with the tools that we will be using on their teeth to help make them seem less scary on the day of the appointment.
Frequently creating a social story helps autistic children prepare for new experiences. You can create a social story for the upcoming trip to the dentist. If you would like to come in and take pictures of our office to help you create this social story please give us a call. We would be happy to have you come in and take pictures of our office to use.

Special Needs Pediatric Dentistry

We hope that these tips help you prepare your autistic child for their next trip the dentist. We want their experience to go as smoothly as possible. Smile Reef is here to help you in any way. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!

How Does Good Nutrition Affect Oral Health? Cheese Helps Prevent Tooth Decay, Apple Stimulates Saliva & More

Smile Reef

We all know that eating healthy is good for our bodies but when we list off the reasons that eating healthy positively affects our bodies, do we know all of the benefits? Here at Smile Reef we have learned that many of our patients do not know all of the benefits that come from eating healthy food. Not very often do our patients mention all of the perks that eating healthy food has for your teeth. Today we are going to tell you all of reasons that your teeth will appreciate your healthy eating.

How is an Apple Good for Oral Health??

Everyone that is eating healthy should have some fruit in their diet. You do want to make sure that you limit how much fruit you eat because of the sugar that is found in them. All pieces of fruit have natural sugars in them. Some fruit has more sugar than others. Apples are one of the best fruits for your teeth. Apples are high in fiber and water. The fiber found in apples stimulates your gums. In addition to that benefit, as you eat an apple your mouth produces saliva. The saliva rinses away bacteria and food particles that are hiding on your teeth.

Vegetables for Healthy Teeth & Gums

A well-balanced diet includes a large quantity of vegetables. The benefits that your teeth will reap from eating vegetables vary depending on the vegetable you consume. If you eat dark green leafy vegetables the calcium will help your teeth be stronger. Eating peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, and spinach all provide your body with additional Vitamin C that will help promote healthy gums. Carrots are an outstanding source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is high in fiber. As we discussed above, fiber helps stimulate your gums. Celery is good for getting rid of food particles and bacteria that might be stuck between your teeth. Because of this celery is often called nature’s floss.

Cheese Helps Prevent Tooth Decay

Cheese lovers around the country will be happy to know that eating cheese helps keep your teeth healthy. The American Academy of General Dentistry has found that when you eat cheese the pH level in your mouth increases. This increase in pH lowers your risk of tooth decay. In addition to this benefit, eating cheese increases the amount of saliva in your mouth. You may remember from above that saliva helps rinse away bacteria and food particles that are hiding in your mouth.

Phosphorus Rich Foods are Good for Teeth

Eating foods high in phosphorus will help your teeth grow and stay nice and strong. Luckily there is a large variety of foods that contain phosphorus. Eggs, fish, lean meat, dairy, nuts, and beans all contain high amount of phosphorus.

Almonds for Dental Health

Almonds are a very popular nut that are enjoyed in large quantity here in the United States. They are fantastic aid to help keep your teeth healthy. Almonds are a good source of protein and calcium. Protein and calcium help your teeth and gums stay healthy and strong.

Pediatric Dental Care

We hope that you can see how crucial eating healthy foods are for your teeth. Making some adjustments to the foods that you and your children eat will help improve your oral health for years to come. Schedule your child’s next dental appointment at Smile Reef today!