Parents should book dental appointments with a pediatric dentist for their children at least twice a year according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD). The visits should begin at about six months, following the eruption of the first tooth. With these biannual visits, your pediatric dentist can monitor the teeth development closely, examine any change in the state of the gums and teeth and help guide the parent or guardian on how to care for the baby’s oral health specific to the child’s individual needs. For children who are prone to tooth decay or exhibit early symptoms of orthodontic concerns, the dentist may recommend extra appointments for children. With this in mind, we at Smile Reef would like to continue to elaborate on the child’s dental appointments.

Importance of Child Dental Care Checkups

To ensure the child has a familiar dental home is one of the goals of the having a pediatric dentist. Parents can easily take the child to the usual dentist for treatment in the case of dental emergencies if necessary. A detailed record of the child’s dental health and jaw formation is stored with pediatric dentist. Dental conditions do not begin overnight typically unless there is an injury or trauma. It is easier to prepare for potential issues and treat them before they occur when the pediatric dentist knows the history of the child’s oral health.

Child Tooth Decay Prevention & Treatment

With the help of the pediatric dentist, the qualified expert can help parents maintain proper oral care. To protect the baby’s teeth, the parent may be introduced to dental procedures such as sealants, xylitol or fluoride supplements. Also, the pediatric dentist may suggest a change in the child’s dental or dietary behavior. To detect small cavities in baby teeth, the dental X-rays may be the only means. Failure to treat the cavity may worsen the situation into tooth decay, large cavities or even periodontal disease, even if the child does not initially feel any discomfort. If the dentist thinks cavities or orthodontic irregularity may be inherent is the only reasons X-rays are taken.

Pediatric Dental Cleaning

The children’s teeth can change quickly, even after a fairly recent dental appointment. Children can be susceptible to dental decay or misalignment due to a change in diet or oral routines. The pediatric dentist will clean the child’s teeth thoroughly during your appointment in addition to the examine. The plaque and debris that might buildup between the teeth and other inaccessible areas is eliminated through the deep cleaning. The expert cleaning will keep the teeth healthier in addition to proper dental care routine. During the checkup, fluoride levels are also evaluated. After deep cleaning, a fluoride gel or varnish will be used on the teeth. To shield the tooth enamel from acid penetration, the fluoride mineralizes the teeth and minimizes mineral losses. The dentist will provide fluoride supplements if your community water supply is not fluoridated. Additionally, the dentist may encourage dental sealant, an impenetrable plastic shield that protects the molars from decay-causing bacteria and acid.

Pediatric Dental Care in Las Vegas, Nevada

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