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Archive for April, 2019

Common Dental Emergencies in Las Vegas, NV; Baby Tooth Knocked Out of Position & More

Smile Reef

When you have a child it seems like there is always something that happens that requires your immediate attention. The real emergencies that occur usually have to do with the child’s health and not because they lost their favorite toy. You want to know what an emergency looks like and what you should do about it. When it comes to your child’s teeth there are some things that you need to do to try and avoid an emergency. This can be regular visits to the dentist where they have their teeth examined and cleaned. You also want to make sure that they are flossing, brushing and eating foods that are healthy for their teeth. Even if you do all that you can there will be problems that come up that are deemed an emergency.

Smile Reef Spotlights Tooth Pain & Other Dental Emergencies

Baby Tooth Knocked Out of Position: One of the problems that parents are ready to rush into the dentist for is when a baby tooth has been knocked out. Kids are going to be kids and that means that they are not as careful as they should be. They might be throwing a toy and get hit in the face which can easily knock their tooth loose or even out. When a tooth comes out it can send some panic especially if the tooth is not loose before. You want to make sure that you see a dentist within the first 24 hours of a tooth coming out that should not have yet. They will want to make sure that fragment has not been left behind which can lead to a bacteria. It may require a space maintainer to allow the space to held while waiting for the adult tooth to emerge.
Chipped, Cracked Or Broken Tooth: If you have ever ran into a friend and knocked heads then you could have cracked a tooth. If you have a piece of your child’s tooth that has been broken off you want to make sure that you save it and bring it to a dentist right away. They can usually attach the piece to the tooth or prepare the tooth to receive a crown. If you just ignore the problem it can lead to a dead tooth or an infection. You want to try and save the tooth if at all possible which is why you need to get to the dentist.
Toothache: If you have a child that has woken up with a tooth ache you don’t want to ignore it. This often means that the child has a cavity that has gone deep into the root of the tooth or it turned into an abscess. An abscess can be very painful and will require work by the dentist as well as antibiotics to treat the infection. The sooner you get into the dentist the faster the abscess or cavity can be treated.

Pediatric Care for Dental Emergencies

Smile Reef can handle all your child’s dental needs including fast emergency response. Call us today!

What’s the Difference Between Dental Fusion & Gemination; Teeth Treatment & More

Smile Reef

The last time you brushed your baby’s teeth did you notice that he/she is missing a tooth? Or that they have one abnormally large baby tooth rather than two? This could be one of two rare conditions known as tooth fusion or gemination. These two conditions are different, but have some similarities and only about 2 percent of Caucasian children and 5 percent of Asian children will ever experience it. Smile Reef is here to talk about these two conditions and what can be done about them.

What is Fusion of Teeth?

When your babies teeth start to come in, it’s exciting. However, when they don’t come in as expected, it can be alarming. If you have noticed that your child has got a rather large baby tooth rather than two teeth, it could be tooth fusion happening. When two tooth buds fuse together and one large crown emerges, this is tooth fusion. If you look in an x-ray, there will likely be two pulp chambers as well as root canals. This will result in less teeth than expected when your dentist does a tooth count. However, sometimes a tooth fusion causes an extra tooth to grow which would result in a normal tooth count.

What is Tooth Gemination?

If your child has tooth gemination, there is most likely the right number of teeth in their mouth during a tooth count. On an x-ray though, you would see that a tooth bud has tried to divide into two teeth. This would result in one pulp canal, but two pulp chambers. This is most common in primary teeth as well as tooth fusion. When you see that your child has an abnormally wide tooth, you should consult with a dentist to discuss further treatment.

Treatment of Gemination & Fusion Teeth

Sometimes, these primary teeth that are abnormally large have a difficult time falling out on their own. This is why the tooth should be monitored closely by the parents as well as the child’s dentist. Sometimes, germinated teeth are more susceptible to getting cavities because the crowns are so close together. Just another reason for close monitoring. Aside from monitoring, there isn’t much that can be done to treat tooth fusion or gemination. The good thing to note, is that just because a child is experiencing this condition with their primary teeth, doesn’t mean that they will have this same problem as their adult teeth start to grow in. If there is a problem when the adult teeth start to emerge, orthodontics can usually fix the problem and help them achieve their oral health goals.

Pediatric Dentistry

If you have noticed that something doesn’t look quite right with your child’s teeth, you should never hesitate to call on the professionals at Smile Reef. With our expertise in pediatric dentistry, we are your leading choice in the industry. Call us today to schedule your child’s annual checkup.