There are lots of tasks that parents must do to keep their child healthy and happy. This includes caring for their everyday needs. It also means caring for their general well-being and doing what you can to prevent health problems. One area of the child health that should be taken very seriously happens to be their oral health. You want to do what you can to care for their teeth and gums early on in age since they only get one permanent set. There are several ways to care for their mouth, teeth and gums. It can be brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist and watch what they eat. You can find a lot about what you want to avoid allowing your kids to eat but what is good for their oral health? There are several vitamins and minerals that have amazing benefits for your child’s teeth and gums that you should include in their everyday diet.

Smile Reef Lists Important Vitamins & Minerals that Aid in Oral Health

Vitamin A Functions: One of the most important vitamins to have in you and your child’s diet is vitamin A. This is a way to help with producing natural saliva which is good for your teeth and your gums as well. Your saliva is a way to naturally rinse off your teeth and keep any bacteria and debris off the surface. You also want to avoid dry mouth which vitamin A does when mucous is being promoted to develops. This is what will coat your tongue, cheeks and gums and is a great way to keep your child from developing infections. There are several foods that most little kids would love to have one their lunch plate that are full of vitamin A such as carrots and eggs. You can also increase fish in their diet as well.
Increase Calcium Intake: Aside from vitamins there are other minerals that are great for your teeth and other oral care. You want to make sure that your child has an abundant amount of calcium so that they are able to keep their bones and teeth strong. The calcium that you ingest will help promote strengthening and you can add it to your child’s diet with ease. You can increase things such as milk and cheese. Cheese especially is great for teeth for other added benefits that include helping to harden enamel as well.
Magnesium Aids Oral Health: It is great to take vitamins and minerals but some are more important than others. The calcium that is used to harden teeth needs to be processed properly. That is where the magnesium comes into play. When you take or add the right amount of magnesium in your diet, it will help your body to process and absorb the calcium that it so badly needs.

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