Teeth can be easily cracked or fractured if used incorrectly. The third leading cause of tooth loss is due to cracked and fractured teeth. Children can increase the risk of damaging their teeth and facing costly dental repairs if they decide to use their teeth for anything other than chewing food and eating. You can significantly avoid these risks by teaching your kids that teeth are not tools and they should only be used to chew. We at Smile Reef would like to share some points you can pass to your kids on how teeth are not tools.

Functions of Teeth Don’t Include Using Them as Tools!

Don’t use teeth to cut into things other than food: Do not let them use their teeth to cut anything other than food. Teeth are scissor, though it is very tempting to use teeth to open a bag, tear tape, or cut a piece of string. Teeth exposed to harder surfaces that aren’t found in food when you try to cut something other than food with teeth. You need excessive amount of pressure to cut through these things, more so than food and what is needed to chew. The unnecessary stress on teeth can cause them to crack or fracture, which results in a painful dental emergency that needs to be treated ASAP by a dental professional.
Holding objects with teeth is dangerous: It’s too easy, and many adults are equally guilty using their teeth to hold things when their hands are especially full. Holding items with your teeth can be especially dangerous. Since you can easily trip and the things in your mat cab cause your kids to sustain oral and facial injuries. Inform your child that they need to be patient and to protect their teeth and face from unnecessary injury from carrying objects in their mouth.
Don’t use teeth to crack nuts: Teeth are not strong enough to crack the strong shells nuts are encased in. Trying to do so often leave the tooth cracked or fractured instead of the shell. Teach them to use a metal nutcracker or to avoid them altogether.
Opening bottles with teeth can cause damage: Kids often use their teeth to lift the tab of cans or even remove the bottle caps from drinks. Ensure they are taught to never use their teeth. Their teeth will likely crack and it is one of the most traumatic events to happen to a child. At the least, it will scrape the enamel, weakening their teeth. Have them bring it to you so you can open it appropriately.

Pediatric Dental Care

By design, teeth are not indestructible and they are designed to process food. Teach your child about the consequences of using their teeth as tools and how painful the outcome is. Ensure the teeth are for showing off a healthy smile and chewing up food. Make sure they learn at an early age the importance of dental hygiene and routine dental visits as well.
When your child requires a routine cleaning, call the experts of Smile Reef. We are experienced, friendly and take care of the children’s comfort and oral care. We will help express and validate the point that teeth are not tools and are only used for chewing.

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