When you go to the store to pick up some toothpaste you are likely to be assaulted by shelves full of options. The choices available are seemingly endless and they each claim to be the best! Trying to find the right one for your child can end up with you just grabbing anything. Using toothpaste to cleanse your teeth is a great idea but there are some different factors about different toothpastes that you may not know. There are many types, flavors, colors and even ingredients that can differ from one to another. The problem is that you might not be sure what you are even looking for.

Smile Reef Explains What You Need to Know About Choosing the Best Toothpaste for Your Child

Fluoride Is A Great Additive: When you go looking through the hundreds of options, you need to start somewhere. You can start by looking for a particular ingredient that is great at protecting children and adults teeth. Fluoride can be found in tap water in most homes but having it in your toothpaste is another level of protection. Studies have shown that fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay and can help with the health of your gums too. No matter what type of toothpaste you have your child use, you want to make sure they spit out and rinse what they can after.
Toothpaste Flavors: Although this is not a reason to choose a particular type of toothpaste it may help with encouraging your child to brush. The flavor of the toothpaste should be taken into account when you are dealing with toddlers and young children. Many toothpaste brands offer fruity flavors such as bubblegum, strawberry and watermelon that are less harsh than the standard mint flavors used by adults. The flavor does not have any bearing on its benefits but a kid that enjoys to brush is better than one that hates it. Using an enjoyable flavor may be your way to get your child to brush on a regular basis.
Style of Toothpaste: You can go look at the style of toothpastes and normally you will see gel, paste and even powder. This is really more for your own preference and what you like to use. They are just manufactured different but two of the same brand in each medium will have the same benefits.
Extra Abrasive Agents: When you brush your teeth the majority of the toothpastes are smooth without any extra abrasives. If your child has teeth that seem to collect extra food particles you may want to choose a toothpaste that has an extra additive. This can help like a salt scrub for your skin. It can help to collect those harder to remove plaque and food particles.
Tartar Control: Tartar is a battle that is hard to deal with because it comes after you have allowed the plaque to sit on your teeth. You want to catch a tartar problem before it occurs and that is with proper brushing and professional cleanings. If you feel that tartar is a problem in your home you can use a toothpaste that has tartar control agents in it.

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