When you are taking your child to the dentist all you want is to hear that there are no cavities and all they need is their regular dental cleaning. The problem is that there are moments that your child will need to have more dental work done. This can include a tooth extraction and that can be a scary thing for a child or a parent to deal with. The interesting thing is that a tooth extraction is not a problem often for children that have good oral health care and dentist visits on a regular basis. If it does occur you may want to know more about what the process entails and what you can expect when you go in for your appointment.

Smile Reef Explains What Happens When Your Child Has a Tooth Extraction & What to Expect

What Happens When You Have a Dental Exam: The first step to having a tooth extraction is to have a dental exam. The exam has to be done initially to determine what tooth needs to be extracted and why. The exam will include a physical exam by the dentist and x-rays so that the dentist can be the health of the interior of the tooth. If the dentist is sure that the tooth has to be extracted a second appointment is often made at that time. You will need to bring the child back for the procedure and the staff will go over any special instructions.
Preparing for Tooth Extraction: When you come in for your child to have a tooth extracted the area that will be worked on has to be prepped. One of the most interesting things about a tooth extraction is that pediatric extractions are usually mush easier than an adult. One reason is that the dentist often needs to use less pain and numbing medication for a child. They will still prepare the area by cleaning and numbing with a topical ointment. The dentist will often apply an injection of medication that causes the area to be numbed so that the work can be done without your patient feeling pain. You can prepare the child by giving them encouragement about the procedure and telling them that it will not be a bad experience. You need to be sure that you stay away from medication before the producers because some of them could cause clotting to be hard.
How Long Does it Take to Get a Tooth Pulled?: The procedure is done at the dentist’s office in a short amount of time. The dentist will remove the tooth by opening the socket that is holding the tooth and removing it in one piece. This is the easy part and does not take too much time.
Tooth Extraction Aftercare: Now that your child is done with a tooth extraction procedure you are ready to head home. The office should give you instructions for care of the area while it heals. A good thing for your child is that it is recommended to eat something that is soft and cold which of course means ice cream. You also need to be sure that they take care not to jam anything in the area and keep the mouth clean.

Pediatric Tooth Extraction

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