When you talk about your mouth and oral health you probably think about your teeth, gums and tongue. These are all extremely important aspects of dental health and need to be cleaned and cared for on a regular basis. But there is another important aspect of dental health that doesn’t get much thought. We are talking about spit or saliva. The saliva in your mouth has major health benefits and is a necessary part of your oral and general health. It is good to know that the saliva is there for a good reason and now you probably want to know how it benefits you.

Smile Reef List Benefits that Saliva Brings to Your Oral & General Health

Saliva Aids in Digestion: The saliva in your mouth has a lot to do with eating, tasting and digesting foods. If you have ever tried to eat a stack of saltines without water you know how important some moisture is. The saliva will help you taste the food and if you didn’t have it the taste would be nearly nonexistent. It also helps you to move the food from your mouth and into your stomach so it can then be digested.
Saliva Helps Strengthen Teeth: Your teeth have an enamel layer that is there to protect them as well as keep them strong. Your saliva actually has calcium minerals in it which can help to re-mineralize your teeth and keep the enamel not only intact but strengthened.
Saliva Kills Off Bacteria: Your mouth is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that leads to tooth decay and gum disease. The bacteria is living in your mouth but there is no need to fear. You protect your mouth from bacteria with good oral hygiene and of course saliva. Your saliva naturally produces antimicrobials that are able to kill off many of the bacteria that grow in your mouth. The bacteria needs to be regulated or it can lead to tooth decay and gum disease as well.
Saliva Removes Extra Food: An added benefit to saliva in your mouth is that it can help after you eat to remove the extra particles of food. These small bits of food will build up and get stuck between and next to teeth which then turns into decay. Your saliva helps to loosen it and get it away from your teeth and gums.

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