With any family having the privilege of raising a special needs child, they know the experience can be rewarding as well challenging. Getting any child into the dentist chair can be a hardship for any parent, but especially so when a child has special needs.

Smile Reef can provide dentistry services for your special needs angel and today we would like to answer frequently asked questions, along with some tips for proper oral hygiene.

Q: Do special needs children require special needs dentistry?
A: Most special needs children are do require special needs dentistry. Some conditions can leave kids more susceptible to gum disease, tooth decay or oral trauma. Every child deserves to have a healthy, beauty smile, and even children with special needs require professional oral care. The earlier professional care begins, the better off their teeth will be.
Q: What’s the preventive care involving special needs children susceptible to oral issues?
A: As with all children, proper brushing and flossing are great habits. When your child has their first exam, using care, gentleness and patience, your child’s dentist can better instruct you on any further treatments better suited for their teeth and gums.
Q: What are some practices my child will benefit from?
A: Along with efficient brushing, flossing and fluoride treatments, the foods and drinks you give your child can greatly impact their overall oral health.
Q: Are all pediatric dentists trained and prepared to handle special needs dentistry?
A: Most are well suited for the job. At Smile Reef, Dr. Jaren Jensen, along with the other friendly staff have important goals. Their number one goal is to make every child, most importantly special needs children, feel relaxed and excited to see the dentist. Smile Reef strives to teach your child adequate hygiene practices in a fun and non-threatening way.
Q: What if special needs children just can’t relax?
A: If children seem to be still prone to stress and anxiety after several methods of getting them to relax, mild sedation or other means might help your child benefit from getting the dental oral hygiene they are in need of.

Dental Care Health Tips & Establishing a Proper Dental Hygiene Routine

1. The younger the better. Don’t be intimidated into beginning oral care at a young age. The first teeth that come in is when to initiate proper brushing. Make sure your kids have a good experience with it, sing a song, make faces, dance around, whatever it takes to make the brushing ritual a pleasant one.
2. When your little ones starts to take the reins, or the handle, make sure the toothbrush is easy for them to use. Frustration might hinder the process in developing good brushing habits.
3. As they grow, make brushing fun. Make it a game or a race. Turning it into a fun activity promotes the desire for brushing, and will help the process become simple, but still efficient. Brush your teeth with them, they will see mommy and daddy doing it and be more likely to join in.
4. Make the dentist a familiar topic. As you approach your dentist appointment date, talk to your child about the excitement and fun going to the dentist will be. Make sure you are honest about what the process is like and explain why we see the dentist.
5. Sometimes children, special needs included, have comfort objects. A favorite blanket or toy. Allow them to bring it along with them for ease.

Smile Reef works with children from all walks of life, and taking the time to make your special needs child feel relaxed and comfortable is a pleasure. Make your appointment today!

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